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March 10 2006

Happy Ninth Birthday Buffy! It is nine years to the day since Buffy burst onto the small screen!

It also happens to be my own, Sharon Stone's and Chuck Norris' birthday as well ;).

I'm not sure if this is revelant, but me and a couple of guys/gals from the Angel board in TV.Com were planning a year-long Whedon Megathon, which kicks of today, in honour of the auspicious date.

Basically, we're planning to watch around 5 episodes of Whedon Shows every week, starting with Buffy. By our calculations, we should be able to cover every episodes in a year.

So if you have nothing to do tonight (in US terms), and feel a bit reminiscent, join us here. There will be witty comments(we hope), brilliant insights (we aspire), and many, many poignant moments (we wish) as we go down this memory lane. :)

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Oh, and Happy Birthday, gooball.
I'll just say that I was late to the party... I discovered the Whedonverse about 18 months ago, and since then I have spent untold dollars on the complete ouevre on DVD. So don't think I'm not committed... in fact, I blame you all (and Joss, natch) for my uncompleted thesis. So sign me up for the celebration, happy bday gooball and happy anniversary to the rest of you. Rest assured that you have corrupted many of us.
It's kind of weird that it's been 9 years, and i remember where i was when BtVS first started. I was a silly young thing of 10 years old, it was a Monday night in Westbury, Long Island, and i saw that the tv guide said that "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" was on in a few minutes. Me and my cousin (of the same age) decided to watch it. She realized a few minutes into it that it wasn't the movie and decided to go do something else, but i continued watching. Now, here i am almost a decade later. Weird, wild, stuff.
Ah, Dhoffryn, everything that you say is wonderful. Yet you make me feel so, so old. :) Kinda appropriate, no?
Bloody hell!!! Has it already been nine years? Where the hell has time gone by?

I remember being 13, on the verge of turning 14 (my birthday's April 14th, lol) and instantly connecting with the show when it first aired. I Nine years.

That's kinda amazing.

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gooball Don't forget to put a link in when you post, I've found a relevant URL for you.

I may be half awake at the minute but did the world wide premiere of Buffy actually happen in New Zealand and not America?
Simon, while what you said rings some kind of bell, I've just checked and we started showing buffy in June 1997. Maybe it was Australia?
I was in Eureka, reading a copy of USA Today, wondering who Buffy the Vampire Slayer was (I didn't see the movie until May or June, shortly before I got a tape of the show). Now, the Slayer is everywhere, so let's give a toast to a girl who changed TV the way Spider-Man changed comics. Think about it.
Oh, and don't forget this year marks Buffy's tenth year in Slaying.
How is it 9 years already? That seems so long ago and like yesterday at the same time...

And wow, I suddenly feel very old, since the main characters were all the same age I was (or was turning, Birthday's April 11th, so by the US premiere date I was still 15, if I remember right, YTV didn't start airing them until later up here in Canada, and at the time there wasn't a CHUM station anywhere near me that wasn't like, Much Music, but I'm off topic) when the show started.

I wonder if Buffy'd be going "How did I make it to 25?" in much the same way I keep going "How am I actually turning 25?" I really don't feel it. Maybe part of that is the constant rewatching of all things Whedonverse? And I get to do that for school in my History of North American Pop Culture Post 1950 class. Like I was going to do anything but something that let me read up on Buffy when given the choice?

Oh, and I registered months ago, lurked for like, more than a year before that, but this is my actual first comment. I figured such an anniversary was as good a time as any to stop being so shy. I'm not always so babbly...but it is nearly 4 AM for me, so I do believe tiredness is a factor.

Anyway, Happy Anniversary, everybody. I know I feel amazingly lucky to be a fan of Joss, and Buffy was what started it all. I loved the movie when I was younger (had all the cheers memorized in much the same way my 7 years younger but much taller sister did with Bring it On), but the TV show has shaped so many things... the way I structure stories when I'm writing, the way I talk when I speak, though Firefly did its fair share there too. Somewhere along the line, Sunnydale and the people that populated it became almost a part of me, and really? I've never minded for a minute.
Just got myself the Chosen Collection, watching the extras do bring some tears to my eyes.
Here's to ye Buffy, was like ye, damn few, and they're aww deed ;)

I got the complete Angel a few weeks ago so i'm now sequestering pennies for the complete Buffy, even though the UK one doesn't have the extra extras disc as far as I know. 125 and cheap at half the price (whatever the hell that's meant to mean).

Oh and, welcome sweet lil kaylee, timely delurking ;).
My favorite show...EVER.
Where would we be without Buffy?
Where would we be without Buffy?

Probably wouldn't be posting here, I reckon. Plus I wouldn't have met my lovely wife too.
Emma Frost, we share the same birthday!! (It's also SMG's birthday.) I was 12 when Buffy first aired, I think I caught a rerun of the pilot and was instantly hooked by how funny it was.

Good memories...
Simon, I too met my wife through our shared love of Buffy. Small world (only not really)...

Happy birthday to the show, and happy anniversary to all of us!

(Oh, and when is that damned Complete Angel set coming out in America, gorramit?!?)
Haaah! faith21, that totally rules. I know, when I found out it was SMG's as well a couple of years ago, I was all "aww...yay me! The Titanic may have started to sink on my birthday, but SMG was born on that day too!"

It all evened it out for me.

Totally makes me not the poster child for sanity.
Oh and, welcome sweet lil kaylee, timely delurking ;).

Thanks Saje! I thought so myself :)

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