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"I had to dismember that guy with a trowel."
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March 10 2006

Lileks enjoys floating chandeliers in Firefly. James Lileks on his first time viewing of Firefly.

Plus there are discussions of moaning albino plague zombies. What's not to like?

It might be worth changing the title to something slightly less obscure for the RSS readers, vera.
I've slightly tweaked what you said to make it more accessible. Interesting link. Cheers :).
How's that Gossi? I guess I just liked the imagery in the quote 'contribute to the psychic cloud that rises from the viewers and communicates the verdict to the network execs via invisible lightning.'
I also thought it was an interesting point of view: reviewing a TV series after it has finished, you can say you liked an episode, without feeling you have to enthuse about every second for fear your reaction will get a show cancelled.

Also, my first post! Normally I'm only finding out about stuff after it has been posted here...

Eta I guess Simon got to it half way in between when I was editing... ah well. I'll leave it as it is.
Most amusing. Personally, I thought Shindig was brilliant and if there's any weak episode it's Heart of Gold (which still has some great moments).

I'm a bit jealous of this guy since he's got some excellent episodes coming up for the first time (I remember when I first watched Out of Gas, becoming aware that I was seeing truly great television).

How, though, can he be a Firefly fan and still put something called 'gossypium' on his face ? Sounds just a bit too close for comfort ;)
How, though, can he be a Firefly fan and still put something called 'gossypium' on his face ?

It does sound a bit like 狗屎 (gos se) doesn't it? He's picking up the Chinese cursing.
Just FYI, "go se" should really be pronounced gou3 shi3. "gou3" is pronounced pretty much like "go", but with a different tone. "shi3" is harder to describe. Basically, well, pronounce "sherbert" but stop before the first "r".
Damn it, I really like "Shindig."

That was the first episode where I was really like, "Oh yeah. I am so digging this."

Of course, had FOX shown the pilot first, I would've felt that way about two seconds in...
I'm with Saje, and with Mr. Lileks as well. Not every episode can be an "A+," and I'd put "Shindig" at a "B-," but I also agree with Saje that "Heart of Gold" is really in the "D" range. Even the title is kind of "been there, done that," or maybe it just pales so much in comparison to awesome episodes like "Out of Gas" and "Ariel," or to a powerful show about "frontier whores" like "Deadwod" (b/c, the "sex workers" in "Heart of Gold" are not companions, as they make the effort to point out).

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