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March 10 2006

All new The Inside tonight in the UK. ITV4 catches up with Fox Broadcasting Corp. Read for a 'previously on' summary of Tim Minear's show up until this point.

Previously on Lé Inside;

- Rebecca is also known as Becky, and was abducted as a child!
- Webb set up an alledged killer!
- Paul quits the FBI!
- Paul's wife has a miscarriage, partially due to Paul's actions!
- Paul returns to the FBI!
- Virgil Webb is removed from the FBI!
- Gossi abused exclaimation marks!

Highlights to come over the remaining month of episodes:

Jane Espensen, David Fury, Amber Benson (all say at once: huzzah!), and Tim Minear's work.

I watched this when it first aired last year and have been watching it again on ITV4 and "Declawed" last week was among one of the best episodes of television I've seen in the past year and I can't wait for the rest. Now all I want is a boxset and the announcement that Katie Finnernan's been cast in Drive.
Oh cool! Hope some of those nice UK fans work their Torrent Magic (TM) so this can soon magically appear on my screen too. :-)
I missed the start of the show so I didn't want to just jump in. Any DVD news? Or is ITV going to rerun the eps fairly soon afterwards?
Yes DVD Please! I've only seen the first episodes then it was cancelled and now I sit and wait for dvds! I should mention I don't pay for cable TV therefore I only get what I can pick up on the "rabbit ears".
I'm so enjoying The Inside. Especially Special Agent Web. I love my dark characters. Someone should write a crossover fanfic with him and Angel Investigations.
Totally. I recall the hotel they visit in the first episode, where the screaming woman is being held, was originally called the "Hyperion" hotel in the first draft (and a character says "Neat name"). :)
Bah. Don't have Sky here at Uni and mother has inconveniently chosen tonight of all nights to go out. Apparently trying to tape from the Freeview box using the timer is far too complicated a thing to explain on the phone.
Watching that episode made me realise that The Inside is the televisual equivalent of Se7en.
*cries for want of DVDs*

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