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March 13 2003

"Crazy for You Star to Film Pilot for WB Network" Harry Groener in a WB series about a mayor, of all things.(a teenager is the mayor, not Harry). Pilot set to be filmed April 11, and there better be at least one BtVS in-joke, WB...

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Just an interesting note: one of the actors mentioned in that piece, Samm Levine, was a kid I went to high school with. He was on Freaks and Geeks. Now I have two reasons to watch that dumb show about a teenage mayor.
What wouldn't I give to have seen him doing Sondheim?

But the man sure has a dance instructor theme running through his life: he played one on Malcolm in the Middle, Watching Ellie, and of course the movie Dance with Me. Now why couldn't he have been around for Once More with Feeling? Or even: Why couldn't he have been given a song-and-dance routine or 2 during season 3?

Ah, what might have been.

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