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"It should simply be plunge and move on, plunge and move on..."
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March 10 2006

To Slither in LA. Joss, Nathan, Alan, and other people (the ever lovable James Gunn and Eli Roth) walk around and pose for those cameras. More pictures, analysis. And don't forget "Nathan really does make everything more gay".

Sorry Joss-man, but you just ain't a poser (excepting that great photo in the rental car agency). Fillion on the other hand, that guy could shoot underwear ads.
There's mention of Nathan/Joss slash in that last LiveJournal. I think there's a line we shouldn't cross.
Close that door, gossi! Close it, lock it, throw away the key, and (like gypsies) speak of it no more! *spit*

Although... enough said.

[ edited by Mort on 2006-03-10 19:35 ]
I love me some Elizabeth Banks.
Wow, every time I see Alan not impaled through the chest, I am surprised. Pleasantly so.
Imagine being John Hurt, UnpluggedCrazy.

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