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March 10 2006

Interview with 'Slither' director James Gunn. He says of Nathan "I think it's wonderful that a retarded young man can make it so far in the film industry. But I kid Nathan. He's the best actor I've ever worked with." Direct link to interview. Over at the SFX website, you can find out more about the James Gunn/Joss Whedon Fox sitcom that never happened.

I've found another Whedonesque relevant interview with Mr Gunn and added it to your subject line. It's expands a bit more upon the Fox sitcom that he tried to with Joss which mentioned in the Slayerverse interview.
I was going through archives on a site the other day and there was an old post from Ty King who talked about developing a sitcom with Joss at the end of Buffy S2. He said once it had been written, Joss was going to give showrunning duties to someone else though due to Buffy commitments. Could this be the same thing?
Little known (and perhaps wrong, since I read this on the imdb) that Gunn on Angel was named for James and his brother.
Wow, very cool insight, dizzy.
What a great interview. If he brings half the sense of fun found here to Slither I think we're in for a little treat.
You are in for a treat. It's a fun, entertaining movie filled with lots of laughs. Of course it's filled with lots of blood, gore and language, too. But you might have been able to guess that from the interview.
Just about everybody I've spoken to about Slither who's seen it say it is a fun, fun movie.
I can't wait to see this movie. I absolutely adore Nathan Fillion for one thing, and this movie just seems like it will be a fun movie to watch!!
Wow he and his wife are awesome. I'm getting my articles mixed up maybe but it's interesting that Jenna Fischer (of The Office, whose character is dating Skip the Demon formerly of Angel...) was involved with Slither's screenplay? Wow, they're like an awesome tertiary Whedonverse. I would have loved to see these guys involved with Firefly if it lasted that long...

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