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March 10 2006

The Watcher Meets The Slattern. Kim Cattrall joins Anthony Head's new Elton-produced sitcom.

The fact that Kim CattrALL is cast as a supporting character and I'm STILL as excited as I was when this was first announced tells me just how excited I am.

[ edited by TheZeppo on 2006-03-10 20:20 ]
It's Cattrall, actually ...
Wasn't trying to poke a stick at you, Zeppo, but to point out that it's typoed in the post itself as well. :)
hehe. No problem, Anwyn. I'm with yuh.
I think Tony's chances of getting his sitcom picked up just increased a lot.
MY bad, I fixed it.
"The Slattern"? Sheesh. I think she'll be great, and it raises my interest level in the series.
No judgment implied, I love her!! Said with affection and, um, desire!
Cattrall and Head. Throw in Kurt Russell and we can have the Jack Burton TV show I've waited for for years!
What the...exit, stage left.
Uh... what's a slattern?

Might be forced to watch this one regardless of what network picks it up. I like Elton John. I like Anthony Stewart Head. I like Kim Cattrall. I like laughing. This one's practically a no-brainer. However the sitcom formula has worn thin on me. I hope they find an angle that makes it more interesting than just a gay rock star making snide comments at whatever happens around him. And I purposefully avoided Will & Grace just for that reason. "Hey lookit us! We're a successful gay sitcom! We're NOT Ellen! We got gayness all around! Just look at it! Have you ever seen so much gayness on network television!!?" I had to pass on that.

I wonder who they'd get to star in a sitcom about Billy Joel's life? Joe Pesci?
Like a hussy or a jezabelle. Sort of a slut though i've always thought of slattern as being a bit less judgmental than that.

Didn't take to Will and Grace much myself. Seemed to rely too much on gimmicky performances rather than a funny script. Also, Will seemed to gayness a bit like The Fonz was to James Dean.

Got some hopes for ASH's show though it'll have to break the mold for this kind of sitcom to grab me, I think. Certainly be giving it a chance though and I hope it's hugely successful for him, even if it's not to my taste.

(Oh, do I, The Piano Man, amuse you ? Huh ? Do I ?)
Ok, I think that I'm excited about Cattrall being on Head's show, only for the fact that it'll get better advertisement.

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