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March 10 2006

2005 Wizard Fan Award nominations. Help nominate the people and things you want honored from 2005, in comic books writers, artists, tv shows, and dvd. Joss and John Cassaday are on the list in some categories.

Well, where's Joss?
Madhatter, he's about halfway down the list of "Favourite Writer".
Hee hee. They asked Favourite TV show. They didn't say it had to be on TV now. So I wrote in Firefly. And for favourite comic to movie? WW of course!
I was surprised Battlestar Galactica wasn't an option for "Best Show" or "Best DVD release". Bad geeks. Bad!
Well I could only vote in a couple of categorys. For "Best Show" I went other and voted Veronica Mars. and "Best video game" I went with the new X-Men game.
Woo! I voted! Go Joss!

...And, I'm gonna get killed for this--at least around here--but I voted for Lost for Best Show.
Hmmmm let's see. A random selection from the nomimations.

FAVORITE WRITER - Gotta be Millar. Ultimates season 2 issue 9 was the best issue I've read in a long time.

FAVORITE PENCILER - Frank Quitely. Draws the best Lois Lane period.

FAVORITE ONE-SHOT - Countdown to Infinite Crisis. Shame what came next was a bit all over the place.

FAVORITE MINI-SERIES - WE3. Morrison made me cry.

FAVORITE ONGOING SERIES - Tie between Ultimates and Fables. The former has so many twists and turns and the latter just keeps on getting better and better. I wish this comic book had a higher profile.

COMICS’ GREATEST MOMENT 2005 - Earth 2 Superman returns. Think Giles returning in Two To Grave and multiply my excitement by a factor of ten.
Well, these were my faves at least for the past year... I felt DC topped Marvel in most respects, but Marvel had some individual brilliance.

Writer: Brubaker, Capt. America went from a cardboard cutout to a human being... shoutout to Bendis (not one of my faves) for his final arc on DD.

Penciler: Quitely, 'nough said

One-Shot: again Simon is right, Countdown was the best single and it only cost $1.00

Mini-Series: Villains United.. Simone had a fabulous year

Fav. ongoing: Adventures of Superman and DD

Greatest moment was the Death of Blue Beetle... Most comic deaths don't seem real enough IMHO, but this one might have been the best since Byrne and Claremont first killed Phoenix.

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