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March 10 2006

Slug it out. It's time to judge the fan TV spot efforts for Universal's Slither.

I saw a commercial for this movie.. and at first I was delighted to see Nathan in it, but then dissapointed as the movie looked rediculous and kind of stupid.. But after seeing this trailer I'm kind of thinking less stupid, more creepy.
Did anyone else have lots of trouble uploading their movie even after following their screen size and data rate rule? I kept getting a "Maximum file size exceeded," message. I only ask because I spent quite a bit of time on it and was ultimately not able to get it on the site....which was (cough) a little annoying. Anyway, apparently nothing I can do about it now except watch what other people made...oh, that's not working either. Huh.
FearsomeBrowMop, you weren't the only one. One of the people on the Browncoats board had the same issue. I don't know, offhand, how they ultimately managed to resolve it.

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