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March 13 2003

Buffy, Season 6 DVDs Released in Australia May 14, 2003 There are some awesome bonus features with this set.

I noticed that one of the extras listed is an A&E TVOgraphy. I've seen several different TVOgrapys, and I've seen the A&E special on the movie, but I haven't seen a Buffy TVOgraphy. I've heard it talked about, but I've never been able to find any information about it. Has this aired in the U.S. at all?

(And I'm really looking forward to seeing the ATAS panel, whenever we get season 6 here in region 1.)
I don't know if it has. I don't even know what an A&E TVography is. LOL.

The ATAS panel discussion is what I'm most looking forward to.

US fans can expect Season 6 on DVD probably early 2004, most likely January, sometime.
Actually, if the Buffy boxed sets are released twice a year here in the States, since the third season came out in January 7th, 2003 and the fourth season comes out on June 10th, 2003, the fifth season will come out in January 2004, and the sixth season will come out in June 2004.
Well, according to a tentative FOX schedule, Season 5 is due out November 2003.

I think FOX US wants to reduce the amount of time US fans have to wait for the box sets.
Wow, I'm really shocked. I wonder if Fox will do the same for its other series, particularly The Simpsons?
Can anyone tell me why the US Region 1 versions of the DVDs trail the foreign ones in date released?
Because in the US they want to make a lot of money on syndication first.
"Karaoke Sing-Alongs" --- how fun! They HAVE to do that with AtS as well ;)
It makes sense that they're going to likely speed along the rest of the Buffy sets in the U.S. With the show going off the air, they're going to have to put them out while Buffy's still in the public's (notoriously short) memory.
Region 1 trails Regions 2 (UK) and 4 (Australia) because there was a battle over syndication between FOX, FX and The WB a few years ago.

However, a legal case was won which would allow FOX to release the Buffy DVD sets in overseas countries to be able to see if there was a market for these DVDs. There clearly is, and last January, FOX was finally able to release Season One in the United States.
Thanks for the 411 Thomas.
No problemo ;)

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