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March 11 2006

(SPOILER) Meta Grrlfight! Tonight's Justice League Unlimited episode pits Amy Acker against Juliet Landau against Gina Torres against Morena Baccarin.

Gotta love JLU :D

But just a handful of episodes left before the series finale :(
Now if only that headline had said "Tonight's Bikini Jello Wrestling pits Amy Acker against Juliet Landau against Gina Torres against Morena Baccarin."

I'll go now...
Mmm, jello bikinis ...

You guys are in for a treat. Big Whedonverse squee when the girls get into it (and The Question is brilliant, as always).

The ending's already shown over here and what a way to go. I'll avoid spoilers but suffice to say maybe the ultimate team-up and proof (if there were still any doubters ;) as to why Batman rocks just as hard as he does.
To be fair, Juliet's character isn't in the fight, though. This is a huge smackdown episode though... I don't think I've ever seen a cartoon where the battle has such brutal impact.

Oh, and you get to see Huntress in civvies in this and they have clearly modelled her civilian look on Amy.
There is more info (plus screen captures) at comics continuum
I love the Question/Huntress interaction in this. And I love my Big Damn (Voice)Actors, too. :)
The Question/Huntress interaction was very funny. "Orange socks." That made the episode for me.

I wish Cartoon Network hadn't ruined the reveal of Wonder Woman by showing it in the Toonami "We'll be right back" clips. That was such a cool "Oh crap" moment, and they totally spoiled it.
Dang. How I wish this series wasn't going away! It's the best super hero animated series ever!

So how come so many Whedon actors appear on JLU? In addition to Gina, Amy, Juliet and Morena there's also Nathan and Adam (and perhaps you might even count Armin).
Here's a list for this season.

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