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March 11 2006

Joss Whedon interview from the premiere of 'Slither'. Find out his reaction to Nathan's new movie, whether or not a Serenity sequel could happen on direct to DVD and the status of the Wonder Woman script.

I heard Nathan's hair is sueing for emancipation.

Sounds like he's really close to finishing Wonder Woman if he's talking about Joel Silver reading it in a week. Good news.

(and again with the Slither love - though, I guess, what's he gonna say at the premiere ? - but still, i'm keen to see it)
Only got five words for Joss concerning Wonder Woman ... should have been Ms. Marvel!

Kidding (well, kinda), i really do hope Wonder Woman does well for Joss and i promise to do my Joss loyalty bit and see the movie at least once but i'm having a hard time imagining that Joss can make me interested in a character that i've found dull for over twenty years. Okay, admittedly DC has only ever published one character that i've read even remotely regularly, that being Batman, but Wonder Woman has always been right down the bottom of my list of comic book characters worth reading.

Actually, i was right the first time, should have been Ms. Marvel! ;)
You know, I mold him from clay. He is nothing without me.

Was that a Wonder Woman reference, even before the Wonder Woman question?

Universal loves to do their straight to DVD sequels.

I'm still mad at UIP for cancelling the release in a lot coutries, including here. Yes, I did get to watch it in a big movie screen. Yes, I did it twice. But it can't make me stop whynning every once in while. At least my Ozzy DVD will be arriving soon. Cause, there's been no show in terms of news about when universal will make their direct to DVD release over here.

Are you finished with the script? Almost. Days away.
Have you had any creative confrontations with Mr. Silver? He hasn’t read it so ask me again in a week.

So we're getting closer to it and it is taking more shape day after day. Probably, We'll be hearing some official casting news really soon.
It depends if they go with the script, Numfar PTB.

As for Slither, there's no way I'm going to say "You should go and see it". But I will say the buzz is good, and I'm not alone in the thinking of 'Hey, if lots of people see this, it raises Nathan's profile'.

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I love it when Joss mentions Buffy. In any context, any forum. It just gives me a little thrill. :)
Joss: Bracelets and bullets.
Me:[me jumping up and down, clapping]: Wheeeeeeeeeee!

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LOL - I could very well picture myself looking at Nathan and thinking he either has "Mal hair" or "Caleb hair"! Anyway, love these little interviews with Joss. And is that "4 million" an official dvd amount sold?

I would be very happy with a straight to dvd release of a sequel and I think it would do quite well. I'm not a big movie goer and would prefer to experience any sequel in the privacy of my own home, without worrying about people surrounding me ruining the moment.
As for Slither, there's no way I'm going to say "You should go and see it". But I will say the buzz is good, and I'm not alone in the thinking of 'Hey, if lots of people see this, it raises Nathan's profile'.

gossi, have you seen Slither already?
Nope, Anwyn. A few of my friends have, though. Dizzy blogs about it here at the bottom.

With regards to the DVD sequel thing - I'd be all for it. Now. I wasn't so much originally - my original thinking was 'this cast deserve more money'. However, ultimately if members of the cast are willing to do it, go for it.

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Okay, admittedly DC has only ever published one character that i've read even remotely regularly, that being Batman,

Heh, I'm with you, VwaG. Still, I'm looking forward to WW very, very much. It's a new Joss movie, and Joss has never delivered something I thought was dissapointing. And a major motion picture is bound to get more attention script and directing-wise, so I'm looking forward to it lots.

I would be very happy with a straight to dvd release of a sequel and I think it would do quite well. I'm not a big movie goer and would prefer to experience any sequel in the privacy of my own home, without worrying about people surrounding me ruining the moment.

Hey, I agree with that first part. I'd be very happy with any type of continuation of the 'Verse, and straight-to-dvd movie'd be third on my list of things I'd love to see happen (beneath 'new tv show' and 'new major motion picture').

I still don't get the 'rather see the movie at home' bit though. I mean, I understand it, I'm just not able to put myself in that frame of mind. There's nothing better than seeing a good movie in a movie theatre. Sure, there can be annoying people ruining the experience, but when it works, there's just nothing quite like seeing a movie at the theatre in terms of immersion, sound and visuals. But then, that's just me. I love going to the movies, although I tend to go to less and less true popcorn movies and more and more slightly more serious movies or arthouse outings :-)

As for Slither: still not going to see it. I hate the fact that I'm not seeing Nathan's new movie, but gross-out horror movie? Count me out, period.
Did he say days away? OMG, yay!
I want it to hurry and get filmed. I don't care what it is, give me Joss or give me death!
My anticipation for Wonder Woman just isn't there yet. I love Joss, but it's a comic book movie based on a character I don't have any interest in.
I'm almost right there with you, The Dark Shape. I'm not going to say it'll suck, as I know Joss is the kind of person who actually cares about his work, and actually has a vision - but I'm not a Wondy fan. Mind you, if there's any person to change that around it's JW. Or possibly Charlotte Church.
Or possibly Charlotte Church.

Inside scoop on casting? I mean, Black Canary -- yes of course, but WW? ;-)

It's very exciting that Joss keeps mentioning he is close to finishing. Not only does that mean we are closer with WW, but also that means he will be able to return to Goners once he gives Mr. Silver the WW script. Sweet! :-)
We should have a party to celebrate Joss finishing the script. Dunno how that will work but I imagine we'll manage somehow.
I wouldn't be at all interested in a Wonder Woman movie if it weren't Joss doing it. I still can't see how he can make all the hokey stuff believable and exciting, but if anyone can, it's him.

I'm looking forward to Slither. I probably would see it anyway, because I love gross horror movies with a side of funny, but with Nathan in it, I won't wait for DVD.

I hate false hopes, but if there were no chance of a Serenity sequel in any form, Joss would just say so. As long as he's still saying, "we'll wait and see what happens," I'll hold on to this fraying thread of hope.
zencat - I can categorically say that, at the moment, a Serenity sequel hasn't been ruled out. From a business point of view (contracts blah blah) I've no idea how that pans out, but that's what I've been told.

The financing, I suppose, is the be all and end all of it. If they keep making money from it over time, I'm sure they'll take a look at the options every so often. So I don't think anybody would say 'Yeah, we'll definitely not make another movie/DVD'. (Plus, way to bomb a franchise).

I think Joss is very open when he's said in interviews 'This probably won't get a (theatrical) sequel', or words to that effect - because that's the truth. However, it was also critically loved, the fan base almost entirely embrased it and the fan base is growing - and, demographically, the fan base is a very rich source of income, as companies like Titan have found out. The fan base is, apparently, a good mix of young and middle aged (see also: money), almost 50/50 male/female (which for a sci-fi/western project is outstanding), and a good portion of the population own games consoles, which tends to suggest disposable income. Or, in other words, we're a good audience to have, and it has the critical attention.
Good afternoon to you all from a wonderfully bright, warm (I almost want to say hot)and sunny Montreal -- god, I just love the first days of what I like to call pseudo-spring weather... pseudo 'cause, well, we know we are in for another couple of snow storms prior to real-spring.... I get excited about weather, so please excuse my digression ;))

So, Wonder Woman ... I was excited to read "...ask me next week." Although, I grew up during the Linda Carter days, I was not a great fan. I did watch some of those shows on tv but was not at all into the comic books nor the mythology. And so do I care about WW, not particularly - I do care about this project 'cause I want Joss material.

I can categorically say that, at the moment, a Serenity sequel hasn't been ruled out.

Gossi, that and the warm sunshine on my face.... I feel faint ;)) I'd love more of the 'verse in any form.

As for Slither - I'm not much with the horror but if it is on the funny side, might be easier to watch. I will go.
For those still on the fence about whether or not Wonder Woman is a Joss-worthy heroine, check out this article. It might just change your mind.

(I know this was on the front page quite a while back, but the old link hit a dead end.)
Even though I'm a film critic and a fan of pretty much all genres including horror, I have a real problem with uber-gross fests, even with a side of funny. Still haven't seen seen "Dawn of the Dead" (the original, I mean) -- which I'm using as my excuse to not-yet-see "Shaun of the Dead" either. Nor have I seen "Re-Animator", though a year back I down several shots and watched "Evil Dead II" and had a real good time (though I can barely remember it). Let's not even talk about your "Last House on the Lefts" or your "Cannibal Holocausts".....

And this current crop of extreme horror films, which seem from the reviews more like watching outtakes from Abu-Ghraib (under Saddam Hussein, when it was extra-torturey!), well fughetaboutit.

Nevertheless, from what I've seen so far, "Slither" really reminds me of the really fun Roger Corman horror pics of the seventies, particularly "Humanoids from the Deep", which has its gross moments but so fakey as to part of the humor -- and I actually have less problem with icky-gross than with ultra-violent gross (i.e., I can hack the great David Cronenberg in mid-period and more recent films).

AND, while I realize the sfx will be probably be fairly good (i.e., bad for me), I realy, really want "Slither" to be a big hit for two reasons: The first, the obvious "Make Nathan a Superstar" scenario and the second being that I'd like the Hollywood bozos to get the idea that an horror movie need not (like the current U.S. defintion of torture) create the equivalent sensations to major organ failure in order to be effective.

Come opening weekend, I'll be there -- but with two or three little bottles of booze in my pocket.

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bobster, I hate gore, too, but I did see "Shaun of the Dead" on cable, and it turned out waaaaaaaay more jokes than gore, so it was worth seeing! :-)

I also agree with your point that what goes as "horror" today really should be labeled "torture" ("Saw," etc.) -- ewww! People being violently cruel to other people is not something I want to view! :-(

At least "Slither" looks like just gross, er, fluids -- goo and slimy slugs and such, but *no* "let's tie someone in the basement and dismember them" scenes. Which could mean Shaun-alicious fun! :-)
Saw is actually a good film, from various view points. That said, ultimately, it's a torture film. But in terms of a torture film, it's one which is well made and gets into your head - so if it's your thing (they sell), it's good.

Shaun of the Dead is not a torture film. I'd very much recommend checking it out, bobster - I don't think you'll have any problems with it. It's a great little movie.
Second (or third) that. 'Shaun' is a really funny film which, though it has some gore, is so totally not about the gore. And though you'll get a few more in-jokes if you've seen Dawn of the Dead it's not a requirement (so it's a really bad excuse ;).

As I get older, for some reason I find myself a bit more squeamish but I do still like a good gory movie if it either doesn't take itself seriously (Braindead, Dog Soldiers) OR also has genuine scares in it (The Descent which i've pimped so much I reckon i'm due a cut of the royalties but it is a great little horror picture). I also don't enjoy the torture style of horror though, I prefer my scares a little further abstracted from the real world.
Yeah, I do actually find myself loosing interest in horror (torture stylé) as the years go on. I've no idea why. I'm clearly getting old - I even have a beard now.

It's quite literally years since I've seen a horror movie which challenges me, emotionally, as a viewer. And by emotionally I don't mean squeaming - I mean making me think. With the current batch of US horror you see truly horrific things, without the use of your brain - it's not a good combination.

I'm interested to see what the style of Goners is, as I understand that has some horror elements. But also with the fantastical. It could be something really interesting, but with a pitch you could actually sell to people with ('Horror!' 'Funny!' 'Batman!').
Heh, bobster, I know. I just recently started reviewing movies for a dutch movie website (and I want to go on to write for newspapers or magazines in the future), but that was one thing I did make clear - expect no reviews of gross-out horror movies from me.

Watching stuff that makes your stomach turn or watching people get brutally tortured and whatnot - not my idea of a fun time. Now, obviously, not all movies need to be about fun (there's some very good movies which make for uncomfortable viewing, after all), but I just can't see the upside in watching these explicit horror movies - so I don't. Not even the funny ones ;-)

The people who enjoy 'em, more power to them. I honestly don't think it's hurting anyone. But I'm just not one of those people :-)

Now, having said that, I think Slither is actually shaping up nicely and it looks like a great movie if you like that sort of fun. Fun, in an 'eeeeeuwwwww, look at that'-kinda way. Just not my fun. But I might have mentioned that already. Still, I very much want it to do well. I want to see Nathan in more roles. Ones I can actually go out and see even, hopefully.
GVH - there will be Waitress and White Noise 2 coming up for Nathan. So, you'll have that to look forward to.

Is White Noise considered horror? I have not seen the first, nor heard anything about it... though from reactions, I can guess not many people here liked it.
I'd like to come back to Simon's suggestion that we have a party when Joss finishes the script. My questions is, which time? The first time? The final time? Both? I vote for both, myself.
I can vouch for the fact that Lioness is very good at serving virtual champagne and cake. So definitely a party for finishing the script - each time!

I will be going to see "Slither" with my local Browncoats and hope that the funny outweighs the gross.
GVH --

RE: Torture films. Assuming they could do one without massive gore, it's not quite the same as my gore phobia, I just find the prospect very unpleasant, like a colonoscopy. Still haven't seen "The Passion of the Christ." As a secular Jew, it doesn't have much spiritual interest for me, so to me it's the equivalent of a movie about Socrates in which the final hour is the poor guy gagging on hemlock.

It's also interesting to note how, just over a decade ago, people made such a fuss about a three-minute torture scene in "Reservoir Dogs." Today, it might hardly get noticed by critics. Certainly, the fairly strong (and absolutely neccessary) scene in "Syriana" didn't raise one hackle as far as I know.

GVH -- It's relief to know there are film critics out there who may share my gore-phobia and even be more squeamish about some things than me (since I will probably see "Slither"), though I've actually had nightmares about being forced to watch the really, really extreme stuff.

It reminds me how, when I started reviewing films for a well known film site which is pretty much a complete boys club, and I made a similar announcement, I naturally wound up with something they may have found even more terrifying -- several gay themed films. It occurred to me then to a lot of heterosexual guys, seeing two-men French kissing is a lot more gruesome than seeing men LITERALLY eating each other (not that there's anything wrong with that!).

It's also interesting how different people find different things extremely revolting. I have a friend who's seen just about every horrible thing you can imagine. Aside from seeing just about all the really well known gore films of the seventies, eighties, and beyond, he's searched out the real death stuff on the web, laughs at "Faces of Death," has been fooled (and looked at repeatedly) the same "video nasty" fake-snuff film that fooled Charlie Sheen a few years back, etc. Not surprisingly, the guy's an artist.

Anyhow, he and I went to see "Old Boy" last year, during the sushi-bar scene in which the hero eats a small octopus live, he was squirming and hiding his eyes like a little girl. My reaction was more "hey, I've been to a sushi bar before."
bobster. Yep, I see - and agree with - your points about torture movies. Still, assuming they'd be able to do without the gore, I'd be willing to go out and see it. It'd probably go to some unpleasant places and I certainly don't think I'd find it entertaining, but I would have less problems watching it. I also do enjoy the occassional scary movie. Just as long as they don't get too explicit.

As for the torture scene in Syriana: apart from one very explicit part, I did feel it wasn't that bad. And as long as it's in service of the movie, I don't mind that much.

As for gay movies: as a straight guy, I can confirm that there's no enjoyment in watching two guys kiss on screen. At least not for me. It still makes me uneasy watching scenes like that, even though I have no actual problems with the subject matter and am perfectly able to watch a gay movie and enjoy it for the story, performances and whatnot. It's just the physical stuff I find very unappealing.

Of course, there are some things I, as it turns out, do have trouble watching. I remember seeing Mysterious Skin for the first time, for instance, and that movie had me disturbed for quite a few days afterwards - even though it contained no gore. It just went to some very unpleasant places which I, under normal circumstances, wouldn't have minded not visiting. I think it was more the underage angle than the actual gay theme that bothered me in that movie, though.

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