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March 11 2006

See Serenity on the big screeen for a quid. For anyone in the London area wanting to see 'Serenity' on the big screen again there is a screening at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square on Friday 17 March. Tickets cost just one pound!

Other showings of Serenity also coming up in the UK:

April 29
* Stirling (UK) - MacRobert Centre

April 30
* Stirling (UK) - MacRobert Centre

May 21
* Bristol (UK) - Cube Microplex Cinema
There's also a showing in Glasgow some time in April.
There's also a showing in Glasgow some time in April.

Hmm. I haven't stumbled across that one.
Tickets are always cheap at the Prince Charles. I don't think I've ever paid more than 3 to see a film there, even on weekends. (I even get a 10% discount at the bar. Membership perk, donchaknow.. totally worth the 7.50 yearly fee. ;) )

It's the best place in London. By quite a long way. (Even when they're not Loving The Joss.)
Anyone know if there are any showings in northern England? A Leeds showing would be ace!

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