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"Yeah, what'd she do? Bone a thricewise?"
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March 11 2006

Fans go to Slither premiere to see Nathan (they don't like horror films, and don't have tickets). They end up being invited into the screening by Universal, loving the film, and talking to Joe Sweden. It's stories like this that bring Hollywood back down to the fans - I love these tales.

Great, so he also has the hands of a dancer ? Damn you, Fillion !

Nice story. Nathan, Joss et al really seem to realise that just a few minutes of their time can give someone an experience they'll remember forever. Pure class.
Glad to know I'm not the only one who found it noteworthy that Nathan is, well, tall. Because, you know, he _is_ ... *s*
Nathan is officially a giant. You know, a hunky (AOL's words, not mine) giant.
I would like to make a comment filled with insight and high-brow opinion but I was overwhelmed by all the Pretty. Oh and I love the dress that Nathan's "SO" was wearing.
With regards to the commentary, does anyone know what the "Z" stands for in ZOMG. I am pretty certain I know what the latter part of the acronym stands for.
Okay, guess I missed the last news casting. Whatever the case, I wish Nathan the best.
Oh, I think I would have fainted if I saw him walking towards me!! I loved this story. It was so fun and it makes me feel, just a little, like I was in their shoes when reading it.
Alright! Alan is a blonde again! Petty, I know, but I prefer the blonde/blue-eyed look on him. I was so disappointed when seeing him in Spamalot that his hair was brown, although he was still groovy to look at.
Speaking of which, anyone ever see Alan in person, or is he just averse to appearing before his adoring throngs?
Gossi -- funny, though, how people can sometimes suprise you because they're so much more ... towering than they appeared on the big screen.

I remember a press conference Steven Spielberg gave for SCHINDLER'S LIST. I didn't know that Liam Neeson would be there as well (and they had taken pains with the camera angles and such in the movie not to make him seem quite so tall), so in came Spielberg ... and then Neeson, who truly looked like a giant next to him.

So, yeah, I totally second AOL's words. *s*
In fairness, here is my thought process meeting Nathan:

"Oh, it's Nathan. Oh, he's talking to my friends! I should go up and see how long until he runs away! Actually, I'm totally about the same height as him - but he seems like a GIANT."
WOW am I jealous--yes (course I am on the EAST coast so this will never happen so me)


am I happy -yes--I had a big smile on my face reading fellow Nathan fans stories about such a nice experience
Gossi, oh, interesting that he's a giant from your perspective as well. Must be all that inner greatness after all. (Me, I'm five feet three, so I guess I had every right to be ... flabbergasted *s*.)
Re: Giant Nathan. It seems like almost everyone in movies and TV is either a lot shorter or a lot taller than you'd think. I think this is because they tend to group people together based on height, so that everyone looks roughly equivalent.

For example, I predict you'll never see a buddy film pairing Tom Cruise or Colin Farrell (5'5 to 5'7, depending on who you believe) with Tim Robbins, John Cusack, Pierce Brosnan or Sean Connery (all, mysteriously, about 6'3)

Hobbit actors aside, the best known exception was Michael J. Fox who basically built a career on being paired with much taller actors and became famous for being "the short guy" even though he's might actually be no shorter than Farrell.

I came to this realization awhile back when I sat behind Spike Lee's "Do the Right Thing" co-star, Giancarlo Esposito, at a revival house in L.A. with rather poor sightlines. I'm 5'6 on a good day (on a bad day, I'm my actual height), and I had no absolutely problem seeing above Giancarlo's head, right down to the subtitles and realized why Spike didn't appear all that short on screen. It's a lot easier to cast similarly heighted actors than to put him on apple box, Alan Ladd style.

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However tall Nathan is, Drew Goddard is taller. I think.
Aver, Alan has been at conventions and I saw him, um, 3 times at the stage door when he was doing Spamalot. (Our hotel was on the same block and somehow I kept walking by just as he was coming out to sign autographs) He gladly signed things, posed for pictures, etc. No problems with adoring fans that I could see.
I'm 5'10" (squeaking it). Nathan is tall. He's no Goddard or Blucas (basketball tall), but that is more than made up for by the the shoulders and chest. Granite, I tell you.

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