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March 11 2006

IESB cover Slither premiere. Interviews with Nathan, Joss, James Gunn and friends. "The Flan debacle" is covered in Nathan's interview. There's also video interviews with Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion from the premiere over at

How cool is Joss? "These are my friends." (His only friends?!) He does support his co-workers, doesn't he? And Nathan.. he's just.... *squee*

The interviewer, Luke, seemed a bit excited. Was that just me? Called Joss Josh and confused Nathan and Joss. I suppose I'd sound like that too if I did camera interviews, but he sounded a little breathless, like a fan.

But what fun those two are to interview. "Kilts are the new pants." "Show some leg."
IESB is a small website.. As they explained a while ago when they published an article rubbishing the movie ("We've heard it's worse than Babylon 5") and trashed the fans, because they failed to dispatch some prizes they'd offered and people complained. Fun times. To their credit they withdrew said web page later, probably realising it made them look so completely stupid (massive big rants against motion pictures you haven't seen on movie websites - not going to get you press junket access).

I went on the red carpet in Edinburgh at the Serenity world premiere (the actual world premiere, that is) - and can testify it's totally hectic.

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It looked like they were all just having a blast. Maybe it's just my obvious bias but did Joss and Nathan seem much more like "real people" than actors/hollywoodtypes compared to many of the other interviews?

I don't seem to recall any of the other interviewees dropping F-bombs. He's like the Johnny Cash of the verse.
Wow - Joss looks really good. He's lost weight and is looking kind of rested and relaxed. Go Go GO cutie Joss!
*apologies for being such a suckup but he DID look good there*
Rather than take up the front page with another Slither related item, I've added a couple of Joss and Nathan video interview links to the subject line.
Hey, that's the first time we are told with certainty that there will be more Serenity/Firefly!! That's great news!

Do you think Joss will all let us in his room when he continues the story? :P

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What did I miss? I don't remember hearing that there definately will be more Serenity/Firefly in the interviews.
It was Joss, erm, jossin' around in the interview. I swear, I'll never use that phrase again.
Thanks for making that clearer in your edit, Le Comite. As for letting us in his room, perhaps he might let us peek through the window? I liked Nathan's answer to "Why see Slither?" "To make up for you not seeing Serenity". Even promoting a different movie he can't give up the Serenity love.
I was there and saw a few fans go in due to their connections. Almost made me wish I had social skills.

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