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March 12 2006

An Astonishing Colorist - A Laura Martin interview. The highly talented colorist on Astonishing X-Men and the Serenity comic book mini-series discusses her work in this Sequential Tart interview. If you're a comic book fan and like to know about what goes on behind the scenes, it's well worth reading.

Thanks for finding this! I've been falling in love with the artwork in Astonishing, and it's nice to put a personality to one the artists responsible.
Nice interview. Colourist is maybe a slightly unsung role but it can make or break the art in any comic (and she certainly does an excellent job on AXM).

BTW, tiny thing (and i'd already seen the picture anyway so not a problem to me) but the frame from Astonishing #14 could possibly be seen as a spoiler by some.

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