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March 12 2006

89 photos of Firefly props. They were on display today at Honiton in Devon. Credits to Zol for photos.

I forgot about that Dalek being in 'Out of Gas'.
Are you really that forgetful, Simon?!

Check out Wash!. Kiki!

[ edited by gossi on 2006-03-13 00:18 ]
Kiki Larue. Perfect.

I'd love to see Mal's coat up close like that. Although if they'd fully outfitted the mannequins it would've made a better presentation. Now if it was naked Nathan modeling the coat? Worth the plane ticket !

Does Shawna Trpcic (sp?) own all those costumes?
Yeah, I did see the browncoat there as it happens and thought "That's a can of worms". The photo of the stack of scripts... That's pretty nice lookin'.
There's a Dalek in "Out of Gas"?
Yeah. The Dalek was what was making Inara's shuttle smell funny.
what episode was R2D2 in? Darth??

oh maybe we will get a DVD of "lost" episodes of Firefly!!
The One When C3PO Visited Inara
Well the crew of Serenity are safe from Dalek invasion. Lot's of stairs. You could just hid in your bunk and they'd never get down those ladders!

What? They can hover now? Bugger!
Kiki LaRue is pretty much the best alias ever.
Did anyone else make out what the other alias' were? I think Kiki was the only one that wasn't blurry.
They've password-protected the gallery. Was it that way when you posted the link, gossi ?

[ edited by Kris on 2006-03-13 23:28 ]
Nope, Kris. Apparently it got way too many visitors so they had to password protect it.
I`ve now un-password protected it, the hosting site got concerned at the amount of traffic entering the site, hopefully that has died down a bit now.

There`s photos from other events unlocked now too all at the host address (providing it doesn`t get swamped again)

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