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March 13 2006

"I almost drowned" says Nathan Fillion. He tells Sci Fi Wire about his near death experience in Costa Rica.

Fillion said that he got mad. "I thought, 'If I die before any of these other sons of a bitches, I will live to kill them.' They gave me the will to live, and I thought, 'Those bastards are going to go home to Canada [to] say [to his mom], "I'm sorry, Mrs. Fillion, the last thing he did was this [he waves], and we ignored him."' So, yes, I had a near-death experience. I almost drowned. I almost drowned."

This? This is a great, great quote.
This? This is a great, great quote.

Yep, it is. Nice little interview that. It's actually almost making me look forward to White Noise 2, in a well-it's-probably-gonna-be-crap-but-it-sounds-like-Nathan-is-giving-it-his-best-shot-so-that's-bound-to-lift-it-above-avarage way.
Well, if he needs mouth to mouth, I'll help him out!! Had to laugh though, because my friends probably would have reacted the same way and I probably would have gotten mad too!
White Noise was a movie that should have been really good and really scary, but it... just wasn't. I wouldn't touch White Noise II with a stick, except Nathan's going to be in it, so I'm there opening weekend. Even if the movie's bad, Nathan will be a treat to watch.
I thought that White NoiseII was probably going ot be a straight to DVD release?

...And there's an interesting bit to the story there, "If I die... I will live to kill them." Huh. I'm amused by it, but it seems like it might make more sense aloud since there may have been some weird stuff going on in the transcribing.
Why do I keep hearing Nathan say "I almost drowned" with Arnie's voice from "What's Eating Gilbert Grape"?
I thought that White NoiseII was probably going ot be a straight to DVD release?

They're undecided. Apparently the script is actually, you now, good.

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