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March 13 2006

That went well... the newest Little Damn Hero in *all* his glory.

The Mal design is an absolute *scream*. There are a couple other new appearances, and more importantly the shop has moved to cafepress, which has brought down prices.

I have the River shirt and I absoutely adore it. Everyone should have one of his shirts. Plus, I bought a shiny Kaylee button as well.
But I don't see the tattoo? How can it be Mal without the tattoo?
Edited 'cause I can't type

[ edited by Lioness on 2006-03-14 01:00 ]

Yes, fry-cooks should always have tattoos. ;)

ETA: Well, now that Lioness edited her post, my 'Mel' crack doesn't make sense.

Did I just say Mel and crack in the same sentence. Someone please save me from THAT visual!

[ edited by Willowy on 2006-03-14 01:33 ]
Especially if you come from a long line of fry cooks :)
I love the design on the t-shirt Wash is wearing. ;-)
Yay for the lower prices! I think I'll actually buy something sometime now.
He's got a tattoo, but it's kinda small. Also, I couldn't tell what the heck his tattoo actually was, so I just used the Chinese characters for Serenity. If anyone's got a link to a closeup of the tattoo, I can make it more accurate.
I can see the tattoo on Mal.

Not so much on Mel, though. I don't wanna see Mel nekkid.

And I was once fired from a fry-cook opportunity.
lexigeek asked for a pic of the tattoo. Check out this site. Look for the images of the Outer Limits episode "starcrossed". It's a bit blurry though. Not sure if anyone else has gotten a better cap of it.
I love the design on the t-shirt Wash is wearing. ;-)

I still adore the Miranda-poster. I still have not bought it. I'm still thinking of doing so, once the funds start flowing again.

Anyway, these new t-shirt designs look wonderfull as well. I'm just not a 'fan'-t-shirt kinda guy. I have a Buffy shirt in my closet which I never, ever actually wear. I had it in my bag at a convention once. Even thén I ended up wearing other clothes ;-). Of course, these could be better for general appeal. Hmm. I'm thinking about it. ;-)

:edit: Wait, there's mugs as well. Now those would look nice in my display cabinet :-)

[ edited by GVH on 2006-03-14 02:16 ]
Yeah, GVH, I'm more likely to get a coaster or sticker ("Wash is my co-pilot") than a t-shirt. In any case, the design style is great.
jam2...I didn't even notice Wash's shirt before. That is so cruel yet so funny.
Ha ha ha! Mine is an evil laugh... >:D
OH...EVIL...EVIL shop.

I must have that "Time for Some Thrilling Heroics" shirt post haste.
I like Wash's shirt... it's subtle.

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