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March 14 2006

IGN's Slither set visit and exclusive clip. Registration required to view the video. iFMagazine also has an interview with Nathan up and Sci Fi Wire has a brief interview with the cast.

In the iFMagazine interview Nathan suggests that there will be a nod to Firefly in White Noise 2...

NATHAN re White Noise 2:

This role is bit more intense, but they slipped something in. I am so honored by this, and they slipped the tiniest thing in, I wonít tell you what it is, but itís a little nod to FIREFLY. We didnít film any more options, so they have to use it. Unless the entire scene is cut, that is how itís going to be in the movie. It honors me to no end. We are doing a nod to another movie entirely with the only connection being me, and I am so honored.

I hope they don't cut this out, however tiny it may be - I'd like to see that.

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