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March 15 2006

Pics, Glorious Whedonverse Pics. Extemely lovely photos of Tony Head, Summer Glau, Morena Baccarin and Adam Baldwin from the recent "Grand Slam XIV: The Sci-Fi Summit".

Wow, that con had some terrific guests! Where was it?
Pasadena in California.
sigh. Those are lovely pictures of ASH. Thanks so much. And Wally Shirra and Alan Bean were there? Darn. I would have loved to have seen them.
So, does anyone have a report for us?
Tony Head...
Naveen Andrews...
Go figure... all the really good guests seem to always be on the WEST coast. Meh. (At least I got Dragon*Con... btw, any word on Serenity guests yet for this year? Seeing how popular they were last time I would think there would be little doubt of at least someone.)
Go figure... all the really good guests seem to always be on the WEST coast.

I think that's something to do with Hollywood being there ;)
I see that in those pictures, Summer appears to be wearing the Ugg boots that someone present for the filming of the R. Tam Sessions says she was wearing the whole time.

This is an irrelevant datapoint, but I'm good with those.
I have pics and a brief report in my live journal. Saturday's report (Firefly panel, as well as Lost & Supernatural) is here and Sunday's report (Anthony Stewart Head) is here
Thanks for the report Mal'sGal. Especially for the news about Ripper.
Could that really be true? Do you suppose that Joss is trying to sell a complete package - Spike plus Ripper plus..... and that is why it is taking longer? I had given up all hope for a Ripper movie. But if ASH is still hopeful, then I am.
Love the way Morena seems to go for shoes with "toe cleavage" :D
(Boots are evil ;)

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