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July 19 2002

(SPOILER) Pucking hell. Via the Cross and Stake board comes a link to a BtVS mailing list at Yahoo Groups.

At 'The Stake Board' we read a post suggesting the new shape-shifting big bad is based on the character 'Puck' (as featured in Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream) a.k.a. Pwca, Phouka, Robin Goodfellow, and in another incarnation, Robin Hood'. (Supposedly, the new Sunnydale High school principle will be called Robin Wood)

In Shakespeare's play, Puck casts a spell that makes the queen of the fairies, Titania, fall in love with whoever she sees first. Other characters in the play are affected by the spell as well. Everybody falls in love with the 'wrong' person.

Sounds like something that can lead our Scoobies to hugs and orgies. A lot of laughs, and a lot of heart break. Hmm... sounds Whedonesque.

Our link points to a page where you can read up on this age old prankster: As a shape-shifter, Puck has had many appearances over the years. [ ... ] However, woe betide those who transgress natural law, for they make themselves a target for Puck's wrath. In this sense, he is a spiritual vigilante, punishing those who commit moral crimes that human laws let pass."

It's a cute idea, but I don't see this as a spoiler. More like wild speculation. And reading the Cross & Stake board it appears to be an attempt to publicize a yahoo group that backfires. Amusing.
Speculation? Maybe. I joined the Yahoo group last night, read most of the posts since May and have to say if it's all speculation, it's the most convincing wishful thinking I've seen on any of the forums. Shakespeare, Heart of Darkness, Pinocchio, Wizard of Oz... my head hurts, in a good way.
Wow. Like people wrote on the Cross and Stake board - this makes a lot of sense...

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