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"On the hood of a police-car?"
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March 15 2006

James Marsters answers your questions. Some interesting insights over at his official website. And there's some new spoilerish pics of James from an upcoming episode of Smallville over at KryptonSite.

Mmmm, purty pics! I hope they really do keep up with these Q&As because I really enjoy hearing what he has to say. Although, I fear the reason they're doing them is because we won't see him at any cons this year.
I think my question 'Do you prefer original or Lemon Jaffa cakes ?' must've got lost (he'd surely have answered it otherwise). Pesky email.

It's nice of him to do this. I'm not really a convention goer so i'm pretty reliant on things like this and the excellent write-ups people post online about various Q&A sessions etc.
Here's hoping pilot season is good to him! I so need to see him as the lead in something intelligent...I'm hoping for an hour drama, because I'm sorely disappointed with the comedies of late. And ya hour is more than half an hour!
You are very wise, Rogue Slayer, and right on target! My hopes parallel yours: a quality, hour-long drama for James, please!
*pervert tangent*

Oooh, a picture of Michael Rosenbaum and James Marsters face to face, looking serious. Be still my loins.

(PS - Is it me, or do Lex's trousers look a tad.. "happy"? There seems to be some bulging.. and in James' general direction, if I'm not very much mistaken. I swear this isn't a slash-fic induced hallucination!)
Gawd. Some people. Clearly that's just a banana that Lex carries in his pocket in case he gets a bit, err, peckish (loads of potassium).

Honestly, some people can read homo-erotic subtexts into anything. Next you'll be telling us that Starsky and Hutch were anything other than heterosexual policemen who simply held each other in very high regard or that the beach volleyball scene in Top Gun is in some way gratuitous. Can't a bunch of oiled, muscular young men take their tops off and play with each other without someone looking askance ? Shame on you Bad Kitty. Shame !
Saje - Lemon Jaffa Cakes?! *goes to buy some originals and ponder Lemon...*

Bad Kitty - you are very much hallucinating.
Where did all the JOO ARE SO HOT questions go?! Damn it.

Seriously, however - some interesting questions, there. Good stuff.
Nice questions and answers, and good of James to answer them.

Still, I think I actually prefer the comments so far on this thread... :-)
"Where did all the JOO ARE SO HOT questions go?! Damn it."

Maybe they didn't get your e-mail, LOL. ;0)

Cheers for the links Simon.

Lemon jaffa cakes?!?!?! That just sounds so very, very wrong somehow. *shudders* :0)
The WB seems to have got their act together in their final year. I don't ever remember promo pics being that big and that good quality for Angel.
You are a bad kitty. I just went and looked at Lex Luthor's pants.

Pretty pictures and the inevitable Spike movie question he includes in his FAQ's..

[ edited by spikeylover on 2006-03-15 20:04 ]
I wish I could photoshop. Then I'd put Angel where Lex is. *le sigh*

We did get quite a few promo pics for season 5 though.
You know, that is an interesting if not a bit naughty photogallery. At CDS, we've already discussed that large thing Lex is holding, and that's an interesting shot of Chloe/Lex.
"Where did all the JOO ARE SO HOT questions go?! Damn it."

Gossi...I think we already know that James is HOT!!! So I think it's great that we get to ask a different type of question now, you know...mature ones.... and I also think it's pretty cool of James to be willing to even answer them. Just goes to show the guy likes to interact with his fans....

Of course if you still have a burning desire to ask about his hottness...I think the Q and A will go on for awhile yet...plenty of time to find out...right????

Just kidding.......
Oh let Gossi fixate on the hotness of James if he wants, I'm just sorry his deeply insightful question didn't get answered ( though it's sort of hard to phrase " I think you're hot" as a question, even if you can spell it right :)

I loved James' analogy of the LA pilot season being like rowing a very small boat in very rough seas. That explains those muscular arms.

I really like the idea of a monthly Q and A and rather pity whoever has to deal with all the email, sort out the duplicates, weed out any personal or downright Gossi questions and pick a shortlist.
I liked that analogy too must be a very difficult task for a lot of actors...very grueling . Lets all hope James gets a really cool role soon. I truly miss seeing him on a regular basis on my TV.

As for the Q&'re right about the poor person who gets to check all the it could be a 24 hour a day job if all his fans are submitting questions....kinda think it would be fun though to go through them all....
So "JOO ARE SO HOT" questions are now simply called Gossi questions? Sounds good to me. Gossi, you've been imortalized! ;-)
Yep, I'm fully expecting an update on James's site " Frequently asked questions and questions about James' personal life will be screened whilst Gossi questions will be openly mocked"

Seriously I just wish I could think of a single sensible question to ask but I got nothing!
Waaaaah! I did think of a good question, but they didn't answer it. I still want to know about his possible future with The Dresden Files -- audiobooks and series. Maybe I'll send it again.

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