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March 15 2006

"How I Met Your Mother" DVD on the way. No date or anything, just confirmation that it's in the works.

How are the words cockamouse not in the tags? Am I teaching you people nothing? It exists!

By the way, just wanted to say: although my name isn't bold or purple or pink or blimvisible or this recursive, I still want to make a point. I think this is the best show on TV right now. Seriously. I actually care about these characters. I can relate to them - this is the period of my life I am in right now. I wear a suit, you know, everywhere. All the early Serenity screenings? Suit. Serenity afterparty? Suit. I am an internationalish business man.

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I think the cockamouse episode is probably my favourite. I could watch that 100 times and still love it. *gasp* "It can fly. Fly, cockamouse! Be free!" Hilarious! I'll definitely be picking this up when it comes out.

It pains me that I can't randomly say "we are international businessmen!" Could I get away with it if I changed it to busnesswoman? Penguin suit up!
This is fantastic news! I only get to see every other episode because I'm HORRIBLE at TV watching. I can never remember what time or day that shows play. =( Except for Buffy, I ALWAYS knew when to be in front of the tube when it came to watching Buffy.
I've tried. I've watched about 3 episodes, but it still reminds me of everything I dislike about sitcoms (this week, we're stuck in the bathroom!). But Barney is awesome, if they ever spin him off I'd probably watch that.
Wheee! I'm very much going to get this DVD set. HIMYM is not only great, but I'm certain it'll be endlessly rewatchable. I like watching old favorite sitcoms right before I hit the sack each day, and I'm certain this set'll push its way right up to the top of the pile. Here's hoping for fun extras.
It's not just the funny for me (and some stuff falls flat, other stuff works: a cockroach mouse, people!) - it's the characters, and most importantly the relationships between them. Two of those characters are destined for each other - but which two?

Any show which makes me love the characters is instantly going on my love list - which is, by the way, tiny.

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Agreed, gossi. Like I've said in almost every HIMYM topic we've had here (and there's been quite a few - not that I'm complaining), it's the characters for me as well. There's not a whole bunch of shows where I truly like all the characters, but those on HIMYM are just great. In the beginning it felt a little like a Friends-a-like to me, but after a couple of eps the characters started to get into their own and be distinct and instantly likeable people.

I know there's quite a few people here who don't like the show because it's a sitcom with a laughtrack and maybe even for other reasons and that's all fair, but I'm loving HIMYM to bits and I hope it'll go on for a long time yet.
Yuhu, right there with you. If HIMYM gets cancelled, I will be pissed - and these things never normally piss me off as I understand it's just business. Usually.

It might be a sitcom and it might have a laughter track, and yes - the first few episodes are weak - but it cares about the characters and just captures being in the middle stages of relationships (either sexual, friendship or both/a bit of both) very well. I want to know where these characters go, as I believe it's got a great amount of stories they can tell with them.

Anyway. Enough babbling from me. I could go on and on about this show.

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