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March 15 2006

Breaking the Story with Tim Minear. This issue of Creative Screenwriting magazine has articles involving former verse writers, Tim Minear and Shawn Ryan. If you're interested in how ideas are created behind the scenes and how writers minds work, this is an excellent read.

Tim takes us to class in "Breaking the Story", which he did at the last Expo in Nov but which he's now put in writing for the rest of us to learn from and understand. Then he sheds light on "Metaphors and Monsters: Reinventing Angel and The Inside". There's also an article on Shawn Ryan's new show "The Unit".

"Breaking the story is figuring out what the story is. It's about specificity, building it brick by brick, and coming up with every detail you need."
-Tim Minear

I was they'd make his class available on DVD like the one with Joss Whedon, but I don't see it on their site anywhere.
It's supposed to be available later this month, killinj.
Cool to know, thanks Allyson. After reading the article I really want to see the dvd of the class. I was hoping they were going to release it.
It was excellent, RavenU. Terrible amounts of fun, and I had to sit on my hands the whole time to stop myself from shouting out terrible suggestions.

I didn't realize how difficult storybreaking was until then.
Are these Tim Minear articles online?
No, billz.

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