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March 15 2006

Comic Outreach Program, helping to spread the 'verse. The Whedonverse Multimedia Project has joined forces with the International Comic Arts Association. The organization stresses reading, and the value of the comics in making it fun and exciting for children while helping to spark their imaginations and creativity.

This is a great idea. I haven't been that impressed by the various Buffy comics but Fray was terrific and the Serenity series was a good read as well. They'd make great donations.
Yes, the ICAA is thrilled to receive donations of any and all comics! The organization distributes these books through a wide variety of outlets and organizations to readers of all ages, including adults. The ICAA screens all of the books that we pass on to make sure all are age-appropriate to the group or organization that they are going to. We would be most appreciative to receive any and all items that you would like to donate and you can rest assurred that your donation will be put to good use.

Thanks for your support-

Erik Enervold
Executive Director
/The International Comic Arts Association (ICAA)/

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