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March 15 2006

Nathan Fillion chats about White Noise 2: The Light. He talks about researching paranormal activity as part of his character preparation.

I love how honest and real he is. (GO EDMONTON GO). The fact that he uses a blanket as protection... *giggles* That's just too funny!
That last quote is great.
He can research in my house and the local library. I've gotten photos of orbs around my dog, my kids, and me. The orbs love to play with the kids in circle games.

And then there are the voices...
I think it's interesting that Nathan is doing so many interviews all of a sudden. Is he becoming the big star we always thought he would? That would *rock*! (It could help TPTB in Hollywood take a new look at the 'Verse, too!) :-)

BTW, I know a lot of people are complaining about White Noise not being high quality, but I just saw it on cable, and I have to admit I thought it was really scary. I didn't buy the EVP stuff, but all those creepy shots of {White Noise spoiler} definitely had me looking over my shoulder, and I really did have a nightmare about it that night. I also had to turn the TV to another channel to help calm down & get that creepy image off my mind (I went to Cartoon Network -- hey, it was Adult Swim, OK? The Venture Brothers *rock*!). ;-)

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