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March 15 2006

"Go Ask Malice": New details only just revealed about new Buffy book. By Robert Levy. Due out June 27, 2006 in US, July 3 in UK. Best of all, it's all about Faith!

The US amazon page still doesn't doesn't have details yet, those guys are slacking.

And also the book was discussed back in November at our very own Whedonesque, before any details were known about it, and they figured out the origins of the title (It's a reference to a book, "Go Ask Alice", which in turn was a reference to a few lines of lyrics (in Jefferson Airplane song, "White Rabbit"), which was referencing "Alice in Wonderland".

I stopped buying the tie-in books a while ago, but this looks quite interesting

And of course. Its about Faith!
Interesting. That makes two Buffy books in a row (the next one after this is
my own Blackout) that will focus on Slayers other than Buffy. Cool!
Who are you writing about, Keith?
Nikki Wood, mother of Robin Wood, seen in "Fool for Love" and "Lies My Parents Told Me." See this WHEDONesque thread for more.
And do you explain how she mysteriously becomes a similar but different woman?
BTW, paxomen, feel free to link in this thread to your wikipedia page with the additional info (relevant self-links are OK in discussion threads).
Lioness: No, 'cause that would be like devoting an entire Star Trek novel to why Saavik looked completely different after The Wrath of Khan, or why Angel visibly aged seven years between the first season of Buffy and the final season of Angel. That's just one of those TV things that a novel shouldn't feel obligated to "explain."

(Though, FWIW, the Nikki in my head as I was writing was April Wheedon-Washington's, more than K.D. Aubert's....)
the page at wikipedia isn't really a scoop now that Amazon has similar info, but it still has a bit info peeps maybe interested in. Wiki pages on upcoming books: "Go Ask Malice" & "Blackout"

Also regarding the books on focusing "on Slayers other than Buffy'. I think this is a good idea. The books are better at building a surrounding mythology than trying to recreate the television show that fans are already familiar (and therefore disappointed if/when the books fail to live up the same expectations). I hope that Pocket Books continues in this direction rather than trying to re-make the show. For example I think an Angel-Spike-Darla-Dru novel (set some time between 1880 and 1900) would be great.

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