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March 15 2006

Some Highlights from 'How I Met Your Mother' at Paley fest. The Museum of TV & Radio's annual William S. Paley TV Festival hosted the cast and creators of CBS's sitcom How I Met Your Mother last night in Hollywood.

Ah, that's a nice article, though a tad petit. Although: no Ross and Rachel on the show? Don't know, I think Ted and Robin may qualify. Still, all the characters have become quite distinct, so comparisons seem somewhat unfair.
The creators' connection to Letterman makes me warm inside. I didn't know that before just reading it, and it explains a lot. I initially watched the show because Alyson was on it but didn't like that it was a sitcom with laugh-tracks and all.

But the acting and the writing just hooked me and I kept coming back for more and the show's only gotten better. All of the cast members do a great job and the show really is funny. I highly recommend it.

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