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March 15 2006

Gellar scene comes in at 5 in 'Sexiest Moment on Film' survey. Sharing the moment with Selma Blair for the kissing scene in the movie Cruel Intentions.

I'd have to agree with most of these. Although, I like Grace Kelly better in To Catch a Thief.
That was hot.. I think that all of those up there would be concidered pretty sexy, especially the one with Heath Ledger in Brokeback.
Gonna have to agree on Secretary. That movie was 12 kinds of good.
Those Gyllenhaal kids, eh? I bet even their parents are sexy.

You know, an intriguingly large percentage of those sexy moments are Big Gay sexy moments. The Hunger, Mulholland Drive, Cruel Intentions, Wild Things, Brokeback Mountain.. that's a lotta girl-on-girl, guy-on-guy for one Top Ten list. I wonder who was polled for this survey? (Not that I disagree with the results in any way. The top 4 particularly.. that Brokeback Mountain kiss? VERY worthy. And as for Secretary.. what can I say? Except (yet again) James Spader NEEDS to call me.)

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Heh. Well, I agree the Cruel Intentions kiss deserved a spot here. Not able to instantly place all the other scenes though, so I'm not sure most of them made much impact (although I have not seen all the movies that made the list).

As for the Brokeback kiss, I still find it surprising that literally all my female friends tell me they do not find it sexy at all to see two guys kissing and yet here on the black I've seen it stated before that two guys kissing is (can) be sexy. Ah well.

As for me: the brokeback kiss did nothing for me, literally. Neither 'ooh, sexy' or 'ewww, gross'. It seemed completely natural. Now, the sex scene on the other hand, did make me go 'ewww, gross', even though it was a good moment in the movie.
Now, the sex scene on the other hand, did make me go 'ewww, gross', even though it was a good moment in the movie.

Really? "Eww, gross"? (I take it you mean the first sex scene, not the second smoochy backlit-by-campfire romantic one. Or the post-coital-cigarettes-n-snuggles scene in the motel room.) I mean, I guess the first sex scene isn't exactly the pinnacle of romance, but I wouldn't ever call it "gross". The first time I saw it I vaguely recall thinking something along the lines of "whoa..intense" (My inner monologue is, apparently, Keanu Reeves circa 1989). It was a prolonged-popcorn-pauser that's for sure. But "gross"? Really?
Gonna have to agree on Secretary. That movie was 12 kinds of good.

Gonna have to also agree. That movie was awesome.
Oh. Forgot to "hell yeah" the Secretary-was-awesome sentiment. Hell yeah! Secretarywasawesome!

Great movie. Funny, naughty, sexy, sweet, smart, subversive, highly dissectible (in terms of what kind of "message" it ultimately sends). I loved it. Bought the DVD. Sat through many many godawful James Spader movies in the obsessive aftermath. Developed a girl crush on Maggie Gyllenhaal. And on and on.

That movie also introduced me to the writings of Mary Gaitskill (who wrote the short story the movie was based on). A writer whose books I now recommend to people I think have the right kind of disposition to appreciate it (ie; closet pervs like me.)
But "gross"? Really?

Well, yes. Sorry :-). The realism of that first scene almost made me 'feel' it. It certainly was intense, but I also had an 'ewww' reaction (maybe 'gross' is too strong a word), mostly because of the suddenness and intensity. And, of course, guy-on-guy sex? Very much not my thing, so that didn't help either. But in short, yes: ew. I had no trouble with later scenes, and thought the tenderness between the guys was cute, emotional and even romantic (though the movie in no way showed a 'fluffy' romance). But that first sex scene? Ew. Just a basic physical reaction that, can't be helped.

In the same way, the Sarah/Selma kiss made most of the girls in the movie theatre go 'ew' (especially when the little strand of spit was shown) when I saw the movie for the first time.
Seeing gay sex presented on screen in a realistic, unvarnished way for the first time - not surprising that some guys might go "ewww". As long as you stayed and enjoyed the rest of the film, at least it wasn't offputting or upsetting. Plus, now you've seen it once, the next time you see man-on-man sex on screen, it'll be a little less new... and eventually it'll be like seeing straight sex on screen - some of it will be great but most of it will be gratuitous.

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