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March 15 2006

Watch vintage Wonder Woman for free. AOL's new 'in2tv' features vintage television, as announced last year, including Growing Pains, Babylon 5, Chico and the Man and... Wonder Woman.

For those of us who are Wonder Woman Virgins, a godsend.

... you can sing along to the theme tune too, with tv karaoke: all together now, 'In your satin tights, fighting for your rights, and the old red, white and blue-whooo.'

Oooh, they've got Perfect Strangers too. Now I am so happy...

Also at:

Props: MeFi.

Very cool! Just a warning to folks - it told me I didn't have the proper software and I would have to upgrade but I could see it without any problem.
And I liked Wonder Woman when it was on. But then I had been raised on TV's Batman which no doubt warped me.
Also part of this deal is the much-underrated SPENSER: FOR Whedon content, just lots of, for its time, quality writing, and great chemistry between Robert Urich and Avery Brooks. And, in the mind of many, the most accurate TV version of a literary character in Brooks' Hawk. It's still hard to read the books without seeing Brooks in the role...
I agree wholeheartedly, VerseRoamer! Avery Brooks was fantastic as Hawk and I can't help but think of him when reading the Spenser books.
Perfect Strangers was a very funny show...some episodes actually caused me pain, I was laughing so hard.
Does it have VR-5, Strange Luck, or Lone Gunmen episodes? Especially Strange Luck. Really miss that show. It was pretty good, and the redhead waitress was boss!
It's Windows only :(
I never got it to work with Firefox, so I fired up IE. And still didn't get it to work! Plays an ad for a Kia fine, then stops. The fine print says US only so maybe it stops us Euro types from watching? Though if it works for Caroline...?
It worked for me last night at home, but I can't get it to work in either Firefox or MSIE at work. I'm not getting any 'USA only' message either.
Does it have VR-5...?

Ah, zachs! Bless my soul, someone else who fondly remembers VR5! I loved that show. I think I still have a VHS tape with some episodes on it.
As for this AOL "in2tv" thing, I'd like them to show Kindred. Anyone remember that short-lived pre-Angel vampire drama? And is there anyone else out there who'd love to see some Brisocoe County...which I'm still waiting for to come out on DVD?
Cool! I'm sure they're just the first to do so - it'll win over DVD in a few years time (yep, that's me looking into the crystal ball).
Dare I say that in my teens, my afternoon TV programme was Lois&Clark (which I really liked!) followed by B5, which I still like. So this makes me feel - old. Vintage TV, my arm ...
Didn't work for me either.

And about Brisco...the DVD set is supposedly coming out this spring, with commentaries by Bruce The God himself.
I would buy a Brisco County Jr. DVD set in a New York minute! Amazon has a "not released/produced yet" placeholder record where you can add yourself to an e-mail notification list. In doing so, you sorta vote for the DVD to be released as Amazon notifies the rights holder of how many are on the waiting list.
VR5 and Brisco -- as usual, the Whedonesquers have the best taste in shows! ;-)
The Brisco set is definitely coming.
Caroline, there wasn't any USA message, just something mentioned in the fine print.
Yep, Brisco on DVD is official. The news is on Bruce Campbell's website where you can also follow a link to vote on the cover.

I only ever saw one episode since I didn't have satellite or cable back then but on that basis as well as what i've read about the show since then and my overall regard for the be-chinned one i'll be getting the DVD.

(and nope, the AOL thing doesn't work for me either)
Ok I have to show the love to all those who still remember the extremely short lived VR.5. I loved that show and I have the VHS tapes of all the shows which included the 2 not aired in the US. I wish it would get a DVD release. Also love the Brisco County and cannot wait for the DVD of that show to come out. I wish Bruce Campbell would team up with Joss Whedon for something in the horror humor genre, cause I think that would be the ultimate anything for that genre and we could throw in James Gunn to help out. We need more of that, cannot really go wrong with a good horror comedy.

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