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March 16 2006

Firefly, Fandom and Revenge. Nathan Fillion speaks to Sci Fi Wire about his character Capt. Mal Reynolds.

For Nathan it has always been revenge and Adam Baldwin has always spoken of redemption. Wonder what term the others use?
Never give up, never surrender, Nathan.
...sweet sweet revenge, served cold.

Yeah. Hell, yeah.
I love that man!
Revenge for Nathan and redemption for Adam. That's them in a nutshell. I remember talking to everyone about it...

For me, it was recrudescence.

For Summer, a kind of rebirth.

Morena said it was a rebellion.

Sean thought it was pretty much a rehash.

Alan said it was almost like a rebar through the chest.

Ron: just a rerun.

Jewel thought it was a rehearsal, which explains all those retakes.

Gina really enjoyed "Reanimator".
We are with you, Nathan.
recrudesence - is that the "To break out anew or come into renewed activity, as after a period of quiescence" version or the "A recurrence of a pathological process or its symptoms after a period of improvement or quiesence" version? (Thanks!)

One seems very positive and uplifting and the other ... well ... troubling!
Serenity, for me? Pretty much just remarkable.
Gotta love the Nathan. I hope he really is an enthuastiac about this 20+ years from now.
Gina really enjoyed "Reanimator".

I can totally out geek anybody here and say Tim Minear worked on Reanimator. Well, out geek anybody that can't use IMDB.

Serenity is not so much about revenge to me, as honestly, I don't think Fox would actually be clever enough to understand why it would be about revenge in the first place. Serenity for me is about peace and hope. World peace. I am gossi, miss world 2006. Except with a penis, but I don't mention that (enough).
Joss! Get off the board and back to work! We need moving pictures! Pronto!
Yeah, man. People who take 5 minutes out of work to come and hang with their fellows are so, like, totally slackin'.

Kevin. King of slack. Not queen of (today).
I personally thought it was REdiculous it didn't win an Oscar.

Sorry, couldn't help it.
Serenity ? Resplendent springs to mind.

... Tim Minear worked on Reanimator

Wow, so he did, as Assistant Director. And on Platoon. Two of my favourite films from that period (though i'm not sure how they'll have stood up, last time I saw Platoon it seemed a bit, err, overwrought).

And, as Miss World, having a willy would definitely be a unique selling point. Something to set you apart from all the other Misses (well, except maybe Miss Philipines).
Alan said it was almost like a rebar through the chest.

Joss, you are so very very evil.
Joss, I loved that scene with Mal's hand on Inara's shoulder! How could you fight him on that?!! ;)

I thought I'd be happy and satisfied if the movie was all we got to continue the 'verse but I want more, more, more! Looking forward to Slithers, Wonder Woman and Goners but still want more of Serenity.
All I can say that, when I see "Slither", I'm hoping it won't be about the re-turn of my lunch/dinner.
Joss, that was so silly. I hope you'll pardon my rebuke.
Joss makes me smile. Whedonverse people make me smile. Whedonesque people make me smile. With the number of people wo make me smile I should be grinning like a fool all the time.

Joss, Don't listen to the people that tell you not to post because it will keep you from working. We who are posting from work because our brains will fall out if we don't get some outside stimulation understand that you have every right to do whatever you need to to make your process work. If part of that happens to also give us a shot in the arm and put a smile on our faces in the middle of pushing our brains back into our heads and fastening them with paper clips, I say "Good for you! Keep it coming."

BTW when will your next thing be done? ;-)
Thanks Joss! Nice to have my question answered so quickly! I feel respected.

[ edited by Lioness on 2006-03-16 21:17 ]
Discussion of Re-Animator bings this to mind: Reanimate your feet!
Bings? Too much Friends, man.
Joss makes me smile. Whedonverse people make me smile. Whedonesque people make me smile. With the number of people wo make me smile I should be grinning like a fool all the time.

newcj, that's how I feel. Joss postings always give me a remarkable smile. And lioness, we always respect you ;-)
Galaxy Quest and Reanimator, eh? I love my captains. ;-)

Like newcj says, how can anyone get through the work they're supposed to do each day unless they take sanity breaks, like coming to the black? So, Mr. Whedon, sir, please keep coming here as often as you like to give us a shout-out and your opinion. In the words of Ali G: "Respect!" ;-)

ETA: In light of all the other people mentioning "respect" (rightfully so), I guess I'm just being redundant.

[ edited by billz on 2006-03-16 22:15 ]
Respect, mon! And not the political party.
Respect the cruller! Tame the.. donut!

Mmm, nice of you to drop by, Joss.
Way to go Nathan. Galaxy Quest is the shit.

"Never give up, never surrender!"
mmmm - how about where's the REmuneration? For the wonderful writing, restrained yet powerful directing, layered acting and buckets o' entertainment?
When the world is not bringing on the $ for the people involved in Serenity...
well that's just not right!

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