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March 16 2006

Details on second prequel book for SMG's "Southland Tales". "Southland Tales Book 2: Fingerprints" is the second of a series of three prequel graphic novels that will lead readers to the point where the movie will begin. You can find some info on the first book here.

Definitely looking forward to this film, and will be keeping an eye out for the graphic novels.
I pre-ordered the first Southland Tales book with the Previews catalogue through my comic shop. It'll be out in May, so I'm sure everyone else interested will be able to get copies. But just in case it's rare for whatever reason (ie, it's not being put out through a conventional publisher of books/comics, it's coming from a company that makes statues and sci-fi-related apparel), I'm glad I pre-ordered.

There'll be three graphic novels in total before the film arrives later this year.

I'm going on Donnie Darko-fueled faith here. Loved Donnie Darko, rented it the day it came out on DVD since the film never made it to Toronto theatres as far as I know. I hope Richard Kelly fans don't set themselves up for disappointment by expecting more of the same from Southland Tales. I know very little about it and don't wanna spoil myself beyond reading the comics, but from the tiny bit I have learned, it sounds completely different in tone.

One thing I'd worry about is...well, Domino sucked. Though Kelly wasn't in the director's chair for that one, he did get to go solo on the screenplay. And it sucked horribly. I'd like to just chalk that up to it being a studio film for which Kelly was probably given a lot of "notes" regarding what the execs required of the film?

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