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March 14 2003

Tim Minear posts to the Angel's Soul Spoiler Board regarding AtS cancellation rumors.

"We haven't been picked up yet. Haven't been cancelled either...."

"...Personally, given where we want to take the show, I think creatively Angel could go on for at least two more years -- maybe more." - Tim Minear

Take with a grain of salt if you like, since one can post with any name on a Voy board. A very professional and reassuring message, wherever it came from.

For what it's worth, I have corresponded with Tim (and confirmed it was really him in person) before and this response came right after he received the email from me about the rumors. So, I believe it is the real Tim.
I don't think I'm ready to face a year without BtVS, Firefly AND Angel. Powers that be, be good!
If we have no Firefly, BTVS & Angel next year, then they will truly be The Powers that Screw You (to quote Fred).

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