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March 16 2006

Happy Birthday Alan Tudyk. Everybodies favourite gay robot German alcoholic pirate pastor pilot is 35 today. He's still feeling heart burn.

Happy Birthday Alan!! Welcome to the crappy town where YOU'RE the hero!
Yay! Best wishes Alan :)
Happy McBirthday to the definitive Alan Tudyk!
Him? . . . Happy Birthday Pastor Terry Veal. ;)
Save Our Bluths! I mean, hey, Alan, Happy Birthday, buddy! I capitalized/capitalised the word German for you, gossi- you're welcome :)
Happy birthday! Gar!
Hey, I never realized I had the same birthday as Alan. Cool! Happy birthday, Alan (and me)!
Happy Birthday, Alan! You brought Wash to life for me. Then, of course, well, you know what happened.

Oh well. :)
Happy Birthday Alan! Thanks for everything. Don't worry, I'm sure that hole is fixable.
Happy b-day ya stud :-P.
Hey, yo, happy birthday, Alan (and jam2)! Since Nathan's birthday is in another week or two, mind if we have one giant party for everyone? It can have a theme: "Revenge for Rebar! With free Refills!" ;-)
Happy birthday, Alan!
Happy birthday, jam2!
Party hard!
Sounds like a good idea to me, billz. Wonder Woman should be finished by then and relinquished to the studio.More to celebrate. Happy birthday Mr.Tudyk sir. Good luck on your pilot.

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Happy Birthday, my little leaf on the wind! And I mean that in the most manly way possible.
Happy Birthday Alan!
Many happy returns!
Happy Birthday, Alan! Are you ready for the spankin' machine or would you like some cake first?
Happy Birthday Alan!
I could definitely see Alan as Steve Trevor -- and, of course, he'd be playing opposite Nathan as Diana. There's CHEMISTRY between them two.

Happy B-day, Alan, and jam2, too.
Happy birthday, Alan!

Happy birthday, jam2!

It's just such a shame that your guys' birthdays have to fall on a very unpleasant day for me, the day that I would be celebrating an anniversary (dating, not marriage) with someone I used to love. "Used to" being the operative words there.

(Ha, I just said "operative." I am easily amused.)

(And gossi, that heart burn joke is so wrong.)
Happy Birthday, Alan.

Hey, I'd take a heart burn over a rebar anyday.
Happy Birthday to a man who doesn't look a day over 34.
Happy Birthday to Alan, also.
Aww! Happy B-Day, Alan, from one fellow Texan to another! And here's hopin' Joss patches up that ol' broken heart of yours in Serenity 2 (crosses fingers).
Happy Birthday Alan!!!

You are a leaf. Here's to much more soaring.
Don't forget k-nig-ht (as in 'Spamalot'). Happy birthday! :)
Add my best wishes to your box, Al. There's no one finer. Please take care!
Haha, free lumber. Happy Birthday ;)
Happy Birthday you lovely thing!

*tickles with feather*
Happy Birthday fella.

Amazing you were born at all considering your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of Elderberries.

(and many happy returns to jam2 too, too, err, also ;)
Thanks for the kind wishes, all. I had a good Day, I hope Alan did too. And UnpluggedCrazy, I feel your pain. Tabula rasa, tabula rasa...
Hey Alan! Big group Birthday hug from everyone here! (I am assuming there would be other volunteers)
My favorite guy! Happy big three five. You rock! Looking forward to seeing you in something real soon, I hope!!
Happy birthday, Alan! Can I administer the birthday spankings, please?
Happy Birthday Alan. I'm gonna fong you mate!

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