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March 17 2006

Astonishing X-Men #13 takes number one sales slot for February. After a six month break, Joss' X-title returns and sweeps all before it.

Which was no doubt helped by a slicker than usual PR campaign by Marvel and lack of any heavy weight competition from D.C. (Infinite Crisis didn't come out that month).

Is there any way to find out exactly how many copies it sold or is that information not availible.
Estimates on how much it sold should be available soon. If I had to guess I'd say 120,000 copies.

Oh and this may be a good place to mention that posters should check out the letters page for Runaways #14. That's all I'm saying.
That sounds plausible. Last month's top seller was estimated at around 185k but that was an Infinite Crisis issue (DC's big 'event' series) with second place at about 124,000 issues (of All Star Superman).

Way to go Joss, Cassaday et al (the issue's excellent too, with some great Wolverine moments - 'What am I research guy ?' ;).

Don't get Runaways Simon but according to the Marvel Spotlight Joss reads it. Did he write in ? He's such a geek ;).
Nope not Joss. Instead Brian K. Vaughan mentions that Whedonesque is one of the website he frequents. To keep up with what a certain Runaways fanboy is up to...

Oh, wow. Very cool. We really get the creme de la creme around here (clearly I must've snuck in the fire exit when no-one was looking ;).

* self-consciously waves to any potential Brian K Vaughans in the audience and thanks them for Y and possibly Ex Machina (just about to read the first two trades) *
"Don't get Runaways Simon but according to the Marvel Spotlight Joss reads it. Did he write in ? He's such a geek ;)."

Joss did write in before, actually--his letter was printed in Runaways vol.1 #18, and reprinted in the hardcover of that run. Everybody--get that! That letter is worth the $35, a true collector's item. ;-)
Joss reads Runaways?

I don't think it's a very good series; in fact, when I was reading it, my exact thoughts were, "Wow, this wants so badly to be like a Joss piece when it grows up..."

It's fairly by the numbers, I think.
UnpluggedCrazy: Is there anyone out there that doesn't want to be a Joss piece when they grow up? I thought that was the entire point of growing up. Bah! Back to childishness for me!
Actually, after a discussion with a friend of mine who reads comics (or trades, whatever those book collection things are called these days) and who kindly allows me to borrow her Astonishing X-Men so that i can see what Joss is doing with those characters (which is much appreciated, by the way, just in case you happen to read this, sweetheart) i was left with the impression that Runaways has become something of a minor success story for Marvel. She certainly seems to love the book anyway. Haven't had chance to have at look at it beyond the cover myself but from all i've been told it's meant to be very good.

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