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March 17 2006

Felicia Day: Hollywood's Deadliest Level 60 Gnome Warlock. Liquid Generation's interview with Felicia Day (ex-Buffy potential Vi and USPS commercial star), and her life-time love of video games... especially her obsession with World of Warcraft.

Definately, without shadow of a doubt, my favourite of all the season seven potentials and probably the only one of the lot of them i would like to see back in a future Buffyverse project to see how she is coping with life as a slayer. Great character, great actress and very, very cute to top it off.
Yeah, a very good Potential cum Chosen Ones indeed...ah, what we might have Angel Season 6....
Don't forget she had a small role in the HBO movie, "Warm Springs", and sung (it's confirmed in the credits) "I Won't Dance" while in a wheelchair.
She was also in the ELiza Dushku and Claire Kramer's "Bring it ON" sequel.

Vi definetely grew on me as time went by. I was just re-watching "Chosen" the other day, and I just love how she delivers that "These guys are dust" line, and then just starterted decimating turok-hans.
I love Vi. There should have been a Faith spinoff, and Vi should have been in it.
I was also a fan of Vi and she was one of the potentials I actually liked! I get a kick out of seeing her in those USPS commercials. I know it's not a big tv show or anything but it is a recurring role for her and a certain other Buffy star started off as a recurring character in coffee commercials and that seemed to help kick off his career!
Funnily enough, it was only until well after Buffy was over that I found out the curiously familiar actress playing Vi was someone I knew. Years back, I worked on the Austin Film Festival, where I got to know Felicia and her mom well-- they were volunteers while I was a script reader. We ended up spending a lot of time together. Even back then, Felicia was a big gamer-- she had a tester account on Ultima Online (That's like 1997-98!) She and her brother Ryon are proof of how a wonderful, supportive parent can encourage children to achieve amazing things. Before getting the acting bug, Felicia was a classical violinist and played in the Symphony Orchestra; she studied ballet since she was a child, and danced for the Austin Ballet company. Oh, and she graduated from UT with honors, in mathematics. So yeah, she kicked proverbial booty, even before being a slayer. We lost touch long ago; one of the last times I spoke with her mom, they were flying out to LA to meet with some producer-types. And the rest, as the cliche goes, is history.
You know what's funny? Me Sitting here checking out the Whedonesque while my 52 female druid waits for WoW battlegrounds. That's funny. Possibly only for me.

We should start a Whedonesque guild or something (he says after his guild disintegratrated after a server split)
Actually - I just paid more attention to the actual article linked, where she says she used to be part of an Ultima Fan Club! I can report (using my unstoppable google-fu) that she used to be part of the Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter as Codex Dragon.

Crikey! What a geek!


(damn, wottagiveaway)
I'd always had a sneaking suspicion that Vi was really deeply geeky. Now I know -- it wasn't the character but the actor who was setting off my geek sense.
This is the greatest Buffy castmember interview I have ever read. I loved her story about playing games when her mom thought she was playing Math Blaster. The fact that it was on an Amiga gives her extra geek cred in my book.
I haven't seen these USPS commercials. Does anyone know where I could find them on the web?

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