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March 18 2006

1967 Wonder Woman TV pilot. I wonder if Joss is going to be able to beat this...

... actually I suspect Joss' plumber could do better. It makes the Batman TV series look like a serious drama.

Link originally found via amygdalagf.

Wrong, wrong, bad, on so many many levels. Joss, if you're reading, don't watch this; it'll hurt your eyes.
This is so hysterically bad. The "That Girl" hairdo. Even though this did not make it to our TV screens, it brings back memories of all the aspects of 1967 and the socialization of young women (even if camped up) that I would prefer to forget. But, really, this is sooooo awful, it's hysterical.
Hysterically bad on purpose, not that it makes it any more watchable.

This is from the same time that two nerd/superhero shows, Captain Nice and Mr. Terrific, came out (premiering on the same night, actually, and, yes, I watched them both)...Batman had been pretty successful as a parody, and those two were trying to catch the same campy wave. Seems to me that the producers of this exceedingly cheesy version of Wonder Woman were trying hoping to lasso the same audience.

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Pretty nauseating stuff--especially the part where she's looking in the mirror. I hate to admit it, but I cracked a smile when her mother said the line about the woman who was 24 and had three kids already and WW said "But she's not married". And I'm going to go further out on a limb and say there were a couple of lines that if tweaked and delivered by SMG and Kristine Sutherland they could have come out of BUFFY--something like early Season 3.

But I'm pretty sure Joss' spleen could do better than this.
Mmm. I saw this a year or so ago.

Very, very bad. The Adam West Batman series is about on par.
I just tried to see the pilot. When "Wonder Woman" admired herself in the mirror before she caught whatever threat was out there, I couldn't watch anymore. I'm sure whoever produced it did it as badly as possible so they wouldn't have to make a series. Yeesh!
Never mind Joss' spleen, I think his pancreas could have written a better pilot.
"Never mind Joss' spleen, I think his pancreas could have written a better pilot."

And, please, let's have the anatomical references end...NOW!

Sorry abut that, Chris in Virginia.
But I see your point they tried to make "Wonder Woman" a female version of "Batman", as it was with all super hero shows made in 1966 and 67. A pilot of "Batgirl" was made before she was added to "Batman." Could you imagine what "The Adventures of Superman" would have been like if it was made during that time, instead of the 1950's?
This had to be meant as a spoof series, right? As "unenlightened" as the 1960s were, it can't have been this bad for real, right? Right? Guys? Right? *slowly cringing in disbelief* ;-)
Okay.. that was.. that's.. it's... if any psychopaths in my area are reading this, please don't hesitate to come over and do whatever you want. Just make sure I'll be dead in the end and won't have to live on with the memories of seeing THIS..
There was so much self-love in the mirror scene that I am amazed she didn't get some ice cubes and .... um .... never mind!

I'll never be in my bunk again!
Oh my, that is terrible. Even at the time, I find it hard to believe that it could have been anything other than mocking itself. Terrible, terrible stuff. But painfully watchable all the same.
She was right about one thing: "The nation needs Wonder Woman." The word missing from this sentence was "Whedon's".
"This had to be meant as a spoof series, right? As "unenlightened" as the 1960s were, it can't have been this bad for real, right? Right? Guys? Right? *slowly cringing in disbelief* ;-)
billz | March 19, 06:28 CET"

I get it that you are joking but it brought up all kinds of memories that should be shared now and then. I have not had a chance to watch this, but whatever is in there is almost certainly a weak reflection of how bad it was for real. I have been watching the original Star Trek with my son. That was supposed to be enlightened, yet you constantly have Kirk making comments about how he wishes he had not been assigned a female yeoman as she flutters over him. I remember that character making me grind my teeth at the time because it was reinforcing a stereotype. I do not remember thinking that Kirk was out of line for saying it. We had not even gotten far enough to realize that he should not be identifying her gender as the problem rather than her actions.

BTW, at that point girls & women still had to wear skirts to school and work. Pants/trousers would not be acceptable for some years yet, though the fight was on. Girls and sports were almost mutually exclusive terms and people still loudly proclaimed that any weightlifting or the wrong kind of exercise would give women ugly bulging muscles.

And yes, when a woman got pregnant she was lucky if her employer did her the favor of letting her keep her job. There was no maternity leave and medical insurance was only through the head of the household...who was by definition the man. If your husband did not have insuarnce through his job, tough. The woman was ineligible at hers because she was by definition a dependent.

It is a different world, thank goodness. I look forward to Joss's WW even though I never was into comic books or WW before. I have faith the Joss will make me smile.

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Wow, newcj. It's hard to believe that things were so different just such a short time ago, relatively speaking, but I guess the (early) 1960s still had segregation, too. I just saw "Walkout" this weekend on HBO, about the awful treatment Latino students received in Los Angeles schools, and that was 1968. *shakes head*

Things are messed up now, but at least there have been some changes for the better regarding how TPTB (government, society, employers, schools, etc.) treat women, African Americans and Latinos, even if there is still a very long way to go. This pilot was partial proof of how far we really have come so far. (I don't even know if that gets a "Smiley" or a "Frowney" icon!)

ETA: You know, when I watch ST:TOS, half of the time I do wonder what is going on as far as Kirk goes. He's really a jerk to his female crew, with the possible exception of Uhura, who really doesn't have a very exciting job (until you start getting into the ST movies!). And why do the female crewmembers have to wear low-cut, thigh-high "cocktail dresses" when the men get sensible long-sleeved shirts and pants? I see your point about how women had to dress for work! *shakes head some more*

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