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March 18 2006

Sam Loeb and (a bunch of) The 26. A quick report from the frontlines -- of awesome!

Slid into Wizard World L.A. today to sit in on the panel for the upcoming comic by Sam Loeb and The 26 (reported on here earlier, don't ask me to link, I frighten easily.) On the panel, the very kings of comics: Jeph Loeb, Michael Turner, Tim Sale, Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Pat Lee, Alan Heinberg, Rob Liefeld, splendiferous me, and more guys whom I either didn't know or were too far away to see. It's the most comics greatness to assemble in one room since Alan Moore sat very quietly by himself. Ironic, then, that the room should be so small and unpopulated. It was like the Avengers announcing their new line up -- to the Defenders. Really. I think we could have taken the audience in a tug-of-war. But the feeling was good, and the book looks great. Fun how all those different artists capture different ways of looking at Batty Jr and Li'l Supes, but what surprised even me was how the writers, without ever conferring or even knowing each other's parts, all seemed to find the same voice. Then I realized: It's Sam's voice. So no wonder.

Anyway, thanks to those who came. The book comes out in April.

(That thing I said about Moore --- didn't someone say that about Thomas Jefferson once? Oh well. If I don't mention it no one will notice.)

Oh, and I turned in a script for something. I can't remember what.

O really Joss, you pased in a script?
Thanks for the update! You certainly have a way with words, whoever you are. And may I just add that no one should ever learn to write by writing fanfic. Neither should there be spec scripts for aspiring televsion writers or -- and I can't stress this enough -- the drawing of existing characters by comic book artists. Can you imagine how the guy who draws Spider Man would feel if someone ELSE drew him too?

Uh, I'm in the wrong thread, aren't I?
Woo Hoo! Looking forward to the book AND this movie about some character called Wonderful Lady. Something like that :) Cheers, Joss! You've made my day!
Congrats on finishing the script, Joss!
Yea for Joss; he rassled the Amazon and won! ;)

Disturbing odor? Was it turnip-like?

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Thanks for the update! You certainly have a way with words, whoever you are.

He's some random guy who pops up every now and then and gets into conversations with himself. You can safely ignore him.

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I'm a dude, but I wouldn't mind being married to Joss, just so I could read his scripts before anyone else. ;-) Congrats on finishing it, Joss.
*Does the happy dance*

So when's shooting start? ;)

Really awesome to hear more about Sam's story. Thanks, Joss.

*Proceeds to destroy his Buffy spec script* Detecting sarcasm is not one of my strong points.
Joss, posting in your own thread just to make yourself look more popular. VERY sad. Hehe.

Yep, totally agree on the fanfic thing. The very idea of trying to write a character that was actually created by somebody else. Absolutely repugnant to me. Erm, wait, does this mean i have to throw away the first few chapters of the Buffy/Angel novel i've been working on for over a year? Dammit.
CONGRATULATIONS, Joss! Awesome script-turning-in action, sir! And thanks also for giving a few choice words on the subject of fans who write or draw subjects from their favorite 'Verses. It's a busy day in the neighborhood, for sure! (Speaking of which, might I entertain you with an invitation to view the Saturday Night Live sketch 1967 pilot for WW? Hi-larious!) ;-)
I read about the conference over at Wizard, it's a very good thing you're all doing for Sam.
Well done Joss! You can now post without being called a slacker. Something you have clearly already taken advantage of. We'll have to think of something else to call you...
Top 5,493! Woo-hoo!

(Looking around.) Ha, sometimes not being on Brit-time is an advantage! Mine is an evil laugh!
Woohoo, excellent. Nice work on finishing the script boss :) Also thanks for the funny, made me lol as usual. Can't wait for Sam's comic, it should be awesome.
I'm so excited about this comic! *does dance of impatience to make the time pass faster*

And yay for script turning in! Does this mean we get to start speculating again about who may be cast in that wonderous lady's role? I still vote for Morgan Freeman. Man, I'd see that guy in anything.
Hmm. I'm looking at that list of comic book talent involved with this project and I stop on Rob Liefeld's name and immediately thought, "Which one of these is not like the others?"

I'm definitely looking forward to this book though. I was afraid I had missed it's release date, since I don't normally read "Superman/Batman".
It's the most comics greatness to assemble in one room since Alan Moore sat very quietly by himself., yeah, I believe JFK said something similar about Jefferson dining alone in the White House.

But, being a Marvel guy, I'd have to substitute Stan Lee.

Or Jack Kirby.
I have put my name down for the book, I have laughed at the Alan Moore thing - really, can anyone imagine Alan Moore NOT just sitting quietly? I mean, I don't know the guy, but... - as well as the Defenders thing, and then gave a quiet "hmmm" to the fanfic thing. A job well done.

Dare I ask, expecting no answer, whether The Script is still way deep in the draft stage? "Draft? DRAFT!?! I am Joss - there is no draft!"
You certainly have a way with words, whoever you are.

Yes, that funny guy, just know how to give some really useful updates.

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Just quietly, I think he's some kind of insider. *taps nose*
Thanks for the update. Yay, a script (jumps up and down)!
And thanks for the Fanfic really does mean a helluva lot to those of us who spend many hours writing in your richly imagined 'verses. And hell, I probably get a whole heapin' helpin' more wonderful readers and reviewers when I post on a fan site than I ever would first time being published.
I'm sorry, next time I won't take off my shoes when we sit down.
Oh, and I turned in a script for something. I can't remember what.

And I, for one, simply cannot wait for Turnip Feet: The Nathan Fillion Story, starring Harrison Ford. In fact, if I hurry, I might be able to beat gossi to registering a fan domain for it.

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And I, for one, simply cannot wait for Turnip Feet: The Nathan Fillion Story, starring Harrison Ford. In fact, if I hurry, I might be able to beat gossi to registering a fan domain for it.

I usually don't post just to LOL or LMAO, but -- LMAO! :-D
Why can I never remember the release dates for things like this? Went to the shop today looking for the book, I'm way early. Ended up with the first issue of Robinson's Batman arc, unrelated, but good stuff nonetheless.
Congratulations Joss. It must have been fun writing Wonder Woman's shenanigans. Now that the script's done any hints as to which actress would fit the role perfectly?

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Joss disapproves of Comics. You heard it here first.

And turned a script in? More time to spend here, then. Go Joss!
Alright! party time! Champagne anyone? Finest vintage - 2005.
Thanks for the news Joss. And sorry that there weren't more people to hear the news about the comic.
I still vote for Morgan Freeman. Man, I'd see that guy in anything

I will second the motion but only if we can get Wesley Snipes in as a body double...I just don't think Morgan Freeman can pull off the bustier look. Don't get me wrong, I have great admiration for Mr. Freeman's body of work and without a doubt he could lasso all of our hearts with Wonder Woman's lariat but he is gettin' on in years.

Hey, wait a minute...Josh writes scripts?
Very much looking forward to reading The 26, it sounds incredible.

Congratulations on turning your script in! Not to go off topic here, but I saw V for Vendetta tonight, it was fantastic--next time you talk to Joel Silver, please tell him it rawked for me. I'm so excited already for Wonder Woman, I know you will do her great justice.
Also, Joss stopped by to see some old friends and on behalf of the Booster Events staff & guest. I'd like to say thanks for taking the time for stopping by for a photo, it so funny having them ask for a copy of that shot. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by to say hi. It was really great to see you again.
When does the Sam tribute get released? Did I miss it?

EDIT: Whoops. Comes out in April. I really should stop being stupid. It's effecting my life.

Joss, this script you turned in... might it have been the one with the Monkey and the Dog? Y'know, where they go on a magical journey though late 19th century Americana meeting historical figures?

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I'll be wanting that comic as well, yes. Probably have to specifically order it at my comic shop though, don't think they auto-order it. Or possibly, I'll just get it online.

As for the script: Wooooooo!!! Congrats, Joss!
You turned in a script Joss? Do you think it was any good? I mean, if you did turn in a script and it sucked really badly and everyone just laughed in your face I guess that would, well...really suck...

I think you'll be alright though. Afterall, it's hard to make a script that really sucks when you are always, for lack of a better word, perfect.

[ edited by SpikeBad on 2006-03-19 06:12 ]
I was laying down reading that until I got to the part about the script, at which time I sat bolt upright. Which for me is quite an achievment!

Congrats on finishing the script Joss!
Now you can procrastinate all you want on here; not that we ever didn't want you too.
< subliminal message : Must film WW in Oz >

I gotta say I'm loving what has been done with this book. It's a beautiful way to remember and honour his memory. I hope it sells in the millions. I know I'll be buying one...or three.
< subliminal message: Wondy in Oz, now that's a great idea >
subliminal message : Must film WW in Oz

I thought that was already a done deal.

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2006-03-19 07:06 ]
:D Congratulations, Joss, Mr Whedon, Sir on your script being done.
Script in ... hurray *clinks glass with Lioness* Lets party hardy. Well done I'm sure Joss; and now let the games begin. Who will be WW? Nathan was interested;)
I thought that was already a done deal.

I dunno if it's an actual done deal as yet; but more than likley. As Joss said when in Oz, Joel Silver certainly does like to film in Oz. So, I would say, more than likely, as opposed to done deal.

We do have the great tropical locations. Also we have the studios, and many a Browncoat to share a beer or three with.
< subliminal message: must cast fat woman as wondy gal. >
I cannot wait for that comic, Joss...I've been anticipating it for quite a while. It really is a wonderful thing that you guys are doing.

And about Wonder Woman...yay! I am very happy. Hope Joel Silver likes it.

(I saw V for Vendetta. Didn't like it. If Mr. Silver was impressed with that, I'm certain you can impress him, Joss. :-) )
I've also just finished a script, but instead of wonderful women I'm mostly exploring a snakes on a plane theme. I'm very excited.
I really think Wonder Woman should be filmed in New Jersey, just outside of Philadelphia.

Think it would be OK if we wrote fanfic about Joss? We can even turn him into a comic book!

ETA: Remind me never to click on one of Joss's "links" again. I can't believe I keep falling for that old trick!

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I've added a link to the post.
"Remember, remember, the 5th of November, the gunpowder treason and plot. I see no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot."
Excellent movie! Although it seemed like James McTeigue had some trouble getting used to actually carrying a movie for once in the beginning scenes, he obviously learned more and more as time went by and all in all the movie turned out great.

And to get back on topic; WOOHOO! The Wonder Woman script is done, atleast the first draft. But being the loyal Joss fan that I am I truly believe that they'll love it with only minor adjustments requested (because always gotta change something, it's their thing) and that Joss WILL be able to start shooting at some point this summer. A 2 year gap between every Joss fix is already too much, let it not be any longer.

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I'm mostly exploring a snakes on a plane theme.

Snakes on a plane!

Aw man... It's finally made its way here to Whedonesque. I'm not sure if I'm horrified or thrilled...

Meanwhile, I am stunned that there was such a small audience for this Wizard World panel! Yeesh. If only I lived in the general vague area of LA (as opposed to Florida, where we never get any good Comic cons), I'd have surely been there. (Er... also if I had any money.)
I'm gonna pick up the book when it comes out. Excellent news about 'the' script too. I'm looking forward to the next major update - casting! :)
OK, so that's one script down - what's next? New 'verse? Goners rewrite?
I also loved V for Vendetta Djungelurban. It was an awesome movie that had a lot more than just action going for it. The 1812 Overture now has new meaning for me.
Joss, next time something like this is going to happen post before it and see how many people show up. Or, if it is too much trouble to post one at a time, you could just post your appointment book for the next month or so here. I'm sure we would only show up at appropriate moments. ;-)

This sounds like a wonderful cause. What an amazing tribute it is. Thanks for continuing to keep us informed.

Now, on to the PARTY. Congratulations on handing in the script!! Where is that champaign?
Ooops, sorry newcj. I just finished the bottle. Here, let me open another one......
ooooh. bubbles! pretty.
Here's to hoping that not too many changes are requested to the script!
Congratulations on finishing your Wonder Woman fanfic, er, script *s*. Much as I enjoy the comics coming from you, I _do_ look forward to your next moving picture story.
very cool. consider the book bought...
Hey Lioness pour me one of those too please. You know me and Whedonesque e-piss ups, we kinda go together. : P
The most important thing about this topic (well, nearly) is the HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER references. In capitals, just in case people didn't get YOU SHOULD ALL TRY THIS SHOW.

Kevin. Not at all scared it'll get cancelled. Except a little.
Can you just imagine a show with that ^ as the regular cast.
Stephanie looks great. Being a mother obviously agrees with her. But sigh. Angel. sigh.
Nixygirl! Champagne coming up.
As long as you're pouring, Lioness...

Congratulations, Joss, on finishing the script. As Djungelurban said, I'm sure there will be very few changes required for the finished product and we all look forward to hearing about the next steps. Procrastination is its own reward - and I speak from experience!
Ah, great picture that. And, yes, Stephanie does look great!

And gossi, digging the subtle HIMYM reference. I'm telling you, one of these days, we'll have convinced everyone to watch the show. Maybe we should try a matrixesque 'there is no laugh track' mantra.

And, ooooh, champagne! Lioness, can I have some too? *holds up glass*.

And, finally, again, so we don't lost track (not that we were, mind you): I'm glad to see we're all going out and buying this comic book. Woo!

Okay, that's it, on with the script-wrap-party!
If you pour me the champagne in Europe, can we ignore the drinking age in the U.S.? I'm not driving anyway, I swear, and in fact, er, *I'm an international businessman*! ;-)
Ooh, ooh, did I get to the party on time this time (not on time, you understand because that wouldn't be cool but at least not so late I missed everything (like the last 3 times!)?

Hey, this is Joss' thread too - this like having a party in Joss' house.

*looks aroung casually* (not that I am all stalkery or anything)

Hey look, Joss has a kitchen and everything. You'll always find me in the kitchen at parties (sorry, when I am e-drunk, I just can't stop myself). S-s-s-s-mokin'. Oh good grief, just shoot me n-
Marked the release date for the 26 on my calendar a few weeks ago. Looking forward to it. And....
JOSS FINISHED THE SCRIPT!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Boss! And be sure and let us know the reaction, okay?
Now I do have a case of champagne because I'd been preparing for this ever since Simon suggested it, but if anyone else wants to chip in with anything, feel free. Samatwitch, GVH, here you go. billz, I'm not in the U.S, so sure. Just be careful of that typing and drinking. It leads to well, look at catalyst2.
*cracking open another bottle of Absinthe*

Bernard, I ate all your bees!
Hmm. I'm looking at that list of comic book talent involved with this project and I stop on Rob Liefeld's name and immediately thought, "Which one of these is not like the others?"

Hee hee hee

Kudos on a well-written (and well-aimed) bit of snark...

Though I don't know -- maybe Rob's grown up. Anything's possible. (Well, the entire Bush administration taking testosterone suppressents on a regular basis probably isn't.)

And I read in The New Yorker that Absinthe is going to make a comeback. Something to look forward to...
V for Vendetta is a fantastic film. I was sad that Alan Moore removed his name from the project. It seemed like an adaptation he should be quite proud of (unlike LXG). On the flipside, however... I was happy to see a big studio finance a film of this magnitude and then get their arses out of the way in order to let the creators craft the film without interference from the suits. This bodes well for Joss and the WW project.
Joss- Congratulations on finishing the script!!! I can't wait to find out more!!
Thanks, Lioness. Because they were such a hit last time, I brought some nacho's too. Y'know, champagne and nacho's, the sophisticated combination of choice.

Oh, and...did someone actually shoot catalyst2? *worried*
Yay for the script turn-in! Congratulations :-)
I'll have a glass of that champagne, please!
Seems that I'm alone here with this opinion, but despite its great cast, V FOR VENDETTA was a very clumsy film. I wasn't aware that Moore had pulled his name for it, but if it's true, I can understand him.

As for absinthe ... yet another comeback? I thought it already did return, what, five or six years ago?
I thought it already did return, what, five or six years ago?

It comes and goes out of fashion. I always find that absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.
Absinthe makes the heart grow...into a little purple flower.

Catlayst2 is still in the kitchen man.
Maaaaate! Get your but out here, somebody's just put on The Jam and we're all pogo-ing about the place!

*staggers over to Lioness*
Pour us another one lovey. Let's raise our glasses to the completion of the script. Hurrah!
*slams down booze, smashes glass on the fireplace*

Damnit, I needed that glass.
Woah, I just watched Alfie (version Jude Law), from whence I think "absinthe makes the heart grow fonder" came. How weird is that! Or not!

I'm there for issue 26.
Wow. What a long party this is.Thanks for the nachos, GVH.
Nixy? Want the bottle?
I'm ba-a-a-ack! Man that is one big mother of a kitchen, I tells ya!

Nixy - not the absinthe again - you'll be doing Black Books references next. Whoops too late!

GVH - thanks for the concern but I am well used to be shot at (I work in the tertiary education system!)

Now what's to drink - champagne? Cool!
Eats? - nachos? any peanuts? you know the honey roasted dusted with chilli powder - I love those! Good music though - got to love All Mod Cons!

If I get really e-drunk, I'll put the Rocky Horror Picture Show album on and start singing "I'm Going Home" - I always cry at that one!

[ edited by catalyst2 on 2006-03-20 15:54 ]
catalyst2, glad to see you're still alive and kicking. Remind me to avoid that kitchen, I guess.

Did you say peanuts? I saw Simon hiding some behind his back. Not sure he wants to share, though...
GVH - you say Simon (Sorry, can't do the yellow thingee) is here? I have always wanted to meet one of Our Exalted Ones. I wonder if he drinks like the rest of us mere mortals?

Mind you, if he has peanuts, I may just have to mug him for them if he's not sharing! Still, I guess I shouldn't really mug an Exalted One the first time I meet him!
"Wow. What a long party this is."

Well yeah! When you are hitting time zones all the way around the world you have to expect a party to have some staying power.

Don't worry Lioness, I brought some more bubbly and and some munchies I had hanging around. Since we are in cyberspace we should have room to dance, right?
Yay! Congrats on the script Joss!
You had me until you said Jim Lee.
newcj - Welcome. You've got to love the rolling party. haven't you? Before you know it, we'll all be calling you oldcj!

Somebody stop me now - it's happening again! That thing I do with my mouth - you know, speak - and that's never good!
"Before you know it, we'll all be calling you oldcj!"

...and you would not be wrong. New in one way, old in another. I like to keep my options open. ;-)

1 2 3 and
1 2 3 and...
I love the Green Fairy.
Hey, look over there! Numfar's doing the Dance of Joy with a lampshade on his head!!! (Thanks for the news, Joss.)

Hey everyone, a toast!! A toast to Sam!!
Cheers, Sam! You will not be forgotten. :-)
Cheeeeeeeers Sam...

*drinks from the bottle*

Now I'm up for a sing along.
"I have a theorryy that its a demonnnn,
a dancing demon no something isn't riiii"

*falls over Numfar, lands face first into the couch*
Hmmmmm, maybe I shold eat something to sober up a bit.

--Milwall, Milwall, your all really dreadful, and your girlfriends, are unfulfilled and alienated--
By now, the script will have been read, ya think? I'm getting nervous. I need another drink.
nixygirl, are you all right? Did you hurt numfar? He does do a mean Dance of Joy, doesn't he? (I usually do mine sitting down, on account of a bad knee!)

I was just going to continue sitting over in the corner sipping champagne and nibbling on peanuts (I did bring my own Mexi-Mix, which I'm willing to share), but if we're going to have an OMWF sing-a-long, count me in.

And cheers for Sam! I'm looking forward to this comic - I have it on order at my comic shop.
*staggers to a stand*
Yourrr all a bunch wusses, I'll show ya a dance of joy.

*sees inviting couch again*
After I just sit down for a minute.

*passes out*
Woo! We're celebrating a script's completion now, my friends! *slurps the rest of nixy's half-finished bottle glass*
[the following was posted at on 3/20/06]:

Moore: "I Want Nothing To Do with 'Vendetta' Film"

V For Vendetta creator Alan Moore is desperate to be disassociated from the screen adaptation of his classic comic strip (sic) - and is begging the producers not to credit him for his work. The cartoonist (sic), who also conceived From Hell and The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, hates seeing his work diluted by movie-makers, and refuses to put his name to the result. He says, "I want them to say, 'We're not going to give you any money for your work, you're not going to get any credit for it and we're not going to put your name on it.' To see a line of dialogue or a character that I have poured that much emotional involvement into, to see them casually travestied and watered down and distorted... it's kind of painful. It's much better just to avoid them altogether."


As much as I respect and admire Alan Moore's writing in the comic realm, I feel he has become somewhat of a diva when it comes to film adaptations of his superlative work. To pull his name from a specifically atrocious film adaptation (LXG for example) is one thing but pulling his name from ALL adaptations?! I think we have a nominee for this year's Get Over Yourself Award... Whatever is wrong with a "adapted from the writings of Alan Moore" type of credit?
The script wouldnt be for Serenity II would it? gosh darn my high actor hopes!
serenityboy, it's the first draft of the Wonder Woman script. :-)
While hosting dinner for a group of Nobel Prize winners in 1963, President Kennedy commented that never before had there been such a brilliant intellectual presence in the White House, "with the possible exception of Thomas Jefferson dining alone."

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