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March 19 2006 gets a shiny plug in issue 14 of Marvel's Runaways as one of Brian K Vaughan's most frequented websites.

For those of you that aren't reading this series, this issue is a great place to start. It pretty much recaps everything thats happened, going all the way back to issue #1. Its as witty as Buffy, and its got the Joss Whedon seal of approval. Get it!

An epic storyline begins with this perfect jumping-on point for new readers! The villainous Pride returns, but this all-new group isn’t made up of the Runaways’ evil parents. Who are these shadowy players, and what do they want with the Marvel Universe’s next generation of heroes?

Neat-O-Rama! Can't wait to read this issue! :D

(I knew there was a reason why I'm infatuated with BKV.)

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I'm still hoping to see BKV scripting some of the Buffy Season 8 comics, or any other Whedonverse project.

I mean, with him and Joss being such fanboys of each other, and BKV being one of the so very few none-exclusive comic creators left out there...
Man, I still need to buy the first run of Runaways. I keep forgetting to (and then, when I think about it/run into them, I'm broke :-p). Anyway, I'll make myself a reminder to pick up the backlog and start fresh with this new run.
Like I stated on another thread, I think Runaways is purely average.

When I read the first run, my immediate thoughts were, "Aww. It wants to be Buffy when it grows up."

It's amusing, I guess, but nothing I'd pick up on a regular basis. ...But still very shiny that Vaughan digs Joss, and that Joss digs Vaughan.
UnpluggedCrazy - Haven't read Runaways, but have been reading both Y: The Last Man and Ex-Machina and think that they are fantastic. Have you read BKV's other stuff and liked it or just tried Runaways and found it not to your liking? Do you have any constructive criticism of Runaways? What did you like and not like?

ETA: Just think you came across as kind of rude and non-constructive, especially given that BKV is probably reading.
I haven't read any Runaways apart from #14 on Thursday cause of the mention but I do really enjoy Y: The Last Man and Ex-Machina.
Yay!! Love Runaways. Still need to pick up the latest issue from my LCS though.
zeitgeist, it seems I've been accidentally rude a lot lately. A thousand apologies!!! ^_^;;; I am just very opinionated.

(You would not believe the amount of times I've gotten in trouble with significant others because of that. Especially when it comes to politics. But we are totally not going there. Ever.)

And oh yeah, I think Vaughan is a great writer, I just don't care for Runaways. The problem with it is that it seems too aimed at teenagers: All of the plots seem stock, as do all of the's like The Breakfast Club, with a bunch of cookie cutter personalities thrown together with some vaguely pseudo-hip dialogue. (But thank God for the lack of cheesy 80's power ballads.)

Runaways isn't's just very average. It could be fixed quite easily; give the characters more flaws and more definining personalities than the standard clique-y ones, and make the dialogue less...I don't know, cute or fake hip. It doesn't seem that the current teen lingo is conveyed well, and it seems to like referencing pop culture just because referencing pop culture is cool (see also: The WB's Supernatural). I don't care about any of the characters, and the plot isn't woven together well enough to incite my could be easily fixed, and thus fulfill the potential that it has.
I adore Runaways to death. Vaughan cracked a Whedon joke way back in the beginning of the first run, and then later in #18 (of that same first run) we got the letter from Mr. Whedon himself. I had a bit of a fangirl moment to see my fandoms collide like that.

Runaways also got me to start reading Marvel again, so props there. (This is before Astonishing X-People came out, I might add..)

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I read the Runaways because I think it's good, I mean I wouldn't read it if I didn't. I do think the first "season" or "volume" what-have-you was far superior to this second volume. I started with Vol 2 Issue 1 and actually hated it and when I bitched at my comic book guy for recommending it he handed me a trade of the first series and that's what it took to get me hooked. I still like Y The Last Man better though that one reads better in trades than single issues.

I read #14 though and I totally missed the Joss reference. I'll have to read it again when I get home.
UnpluggedCrazy - knew ou didn't intend it to come off that way and figured you had more to say on the matter :) Thanks for the clarification and the heads up on what to expect from Runaways.
God. Just back checked this thread, cause it got its own category now, and there are only very few posts is it.

THat was definetely a cool meta-whedonesque thing.

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