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March 20 2006

From flirty to fabulous: Alyson Hannigan goes shopping. Read all about her fashion choices in this USA Weekend article.

Ouh, Aly! Oh, wait, it's about fashion, never mind. So now I know she likes Marc Jacobs and Chloé. Erm, wait, who now? ;-) I guess I'm not a 'USA Weekend' person.
The thought of young Aly being a tomboy is irresistible. :-D
How can one not love someone who shops at Target? Or Targét as we like to call it.
OMG, Target? Now I have a massive girl crush on Aly. And I feel vindicated. If successful actresses shop there...well, no one can make fun of me anymore! :~P

And Lioness we call it...that too. Except I can't make my accents work on my keyboard...

And the thought that I could run into an actress I adore at Target someday. It's like the time Brad Pitt was spotted at Walmart back home in Missouri....something you don't expect!

[ edited by Rogue Slayer on 2006-03-20 17:11 ]
Lioness - clearly, it is an intenational chain because we also have Targét here (Australia) too! ;-)
Alas, we do not have Targét in Canada. But I shop there whenever I am in the States.
First of all, joining the Target (pronounced Tar-JAY, just have no accent-adding knowledge) love! ;-)

But then -- excuse me? Did I see this article had a pair of "denim capris" (in other words, jeans) for $200? And the "Kindergarten teacher" outfit had a $98 sweater, $78 skirt and $118 jacket? First of all, if you work with kids, you don't want to wear anything fancy, or anything you'd be afraid to get dirty. Second of all, unless Lily teaches at a private school in New York (it's possible, I like the show but I don't seem to know much about Lily), how can she possibly afford clothes that cost this much? I mean, seriously, dude! ;-)

ETA: Oh, I missed the "leather pumps" for $138. Huh? With kindergarteners, you want running shoes, or something else really comfortable. If you wore high heels, wouldn't your feet be dead in no time? (If my mom is any example, the answer is "yes"!)

[ edited by billz on 2006-03-20 23:37 ]
I wanna go shopping with Aly.

Well, mostly because she could buy me stuff. I don't shop at Targét either, because I don't have one nearby. But, oh, the stuff I buy K-cruising (that would be shopping at KMart).

And billz, I think we're supposed to ignore the cost of such things and look for the "knock-off."

Which I still can't afford: see above re:K-cruising.
And billz, I think we're supposed to ignore the cost of such things and look for the "knock-off."

I guess, but, sheesh. Has Hollywood met the rest of us? ;-)

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