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"Yeah we totally had sex."
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March 20 2006

AOL interview Nathan Fillion - with fan questions, with Elizabeth Banks and Nathan asking each other the questions. Much hilarity ensues.

MY god... that was hi-larious...I love Nathan Fillion, and he seemed to have real chemistry with Elizabeth Banks. The movie sounds like a real treat, however disgusting horror is not my thing so doubt I will see it. And that discussion about KY jelly... interesting... quite uh .... enlightening yeah thats the word.
Is there a non-crappy plugin version?
They didn't use my question, I'm crushed!
Seconding the request for a non-crappy plugin.
Oh. My. God.

I haven't even finished watching it. But they just used my question. THEY SPOKE MY NAME ALOUD.

My question was, by the way, "What was it like moving from Captain Reynolds in 'Serenity' to the sherriff in 'Slither'?"

My entire life has just been validated.
Wow, that looks like quite a difficult thing to do - interview yourself about your own movie!
My entire life has just been validated.

Yay UnpluggedCrazy! :-)

Unfortunately, I can't get it to play, either. Darn plug-in! :-( Are there any mirror sites?
Very funny!! It looks like both Nathan and Elizabeth really enjoyed themselves and tried to have fun with it. Very good interplay off each other as well....looking forward to seeing Slither when it releases next week. Thanks gossi for posting this.

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