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March 20 2006

Once more, with singing. USA Today's Whitney Matheson attends a Buffy the Vampire Slayer sing-along at the Alamo Drafthouse during SXSW.

That's awesome. Except that everyone hates the Dawn. Poor Dawn :(
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Oh my God, that sounds like so much I long to have been there...
I hate Dawn....but back on topic: attending a OMWF sing-along has been on my list of "things to do before I die" as soon as I learned of their existance. I just rewatched the episode for the zillionth time last night and I was so happy. It always makes me so giddy when I'm in a bad mood.
I used to hate Dawn, but I forgave her in Season 7.

And yes, OMWF singalongs are indeed awesome.
That's funny! I just had a "Best of Buffy" party at my house a few weeks ago, and we culminated with a OMWF sing-a-long (which was then followed with Chosen as the bonus episode). Yay!
I'm moving to Austin! No, wait. Does anyone know where else they have these sing-alongs? How about Seattle? I'm hoping to move back there within a year or two. Help??

And I now love Dawnie, but really didn't at first. :)
Good question, where else do these sing alongs happen?
If they ever do one in Chicago, I'm there!

Miss-Emelia, are we all invited to your next Buffy-a-thon?
Ahh. Good times. I went to this Buffy sing-along last night with my husband and a couple of friends. However, I attended a later show than Ms. Matheson did. We voted down "The Yoko Factor" and got to watch "Smile Time" instead as the warm-up episode.

The OMWF sing-along was hi-larious. There was much shouting and laughter, although I think poor Dawnie is becoming the "Janet" of the sing-alongs.

The Alamo Drafthouse has announced that there will be another sing-along in May. My friends and I will definitely be going back!
It took almost three years, but I like Dawn these days.

At the moment, I have tentative plans to attend Slayage. I'll be checking soon to see if there's a singalong.

I used OMWF in my English class a month or two ago. My students are adult beginners (not native speakers). I told them beforehand they wouldn't understand a lot of the dialouge, but I roughly sketched out the story beforehand. The songs went over okay. I made copies of lyrics for about seven songs, and while it was difficult, they enjoyeed it overall. They also learned that "lesbian" is not a "bad word". :) I think "Under Your Spell" was the favorite -- imagine that!

And oh, at this very moment, I'm listening to the soundtrack on headphones in my office. I've been doing this since I used it in class -- almost every day. It helps me relax at work and actually focus on whatever it is I'm planning. Too bad I have some of the same students this session! I can't use it again until I have a completely fresh crop of newbies.

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Nice job April! New and unwilling converts....I love it!

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