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March 21 2006

Nathan Fillion chats with about White Noise 2. "With 'White Noise 2' I'm saying, 'Guys, the name. Let's go Whiter Noise. Let's go White Noisier. Still White Noise after all these years.'"

"You know, I go to work every day and I say, 'How do I save this movie?'"

This guy cracks me up every time. :-)
Okay, I gotta stop reading the Fillion interviews because he's terribly witty and my crush on him just keeps getting bigger. Why, for the love of Mike (my aunt used to say that but I'm not sure who Mike is), couldn't he be a slack-jawed yokel? A slack-jawed yokel who's pretty and acts well. Because then he'd be good in everything he does but I wouldn't have this crush. And I wouldn't feel compelled to watch "White Noise 2" (though I will refer to it as "White Noisier" from now on) when it comes out.

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