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March 20 2006

Second Batch of "Serenity" Tin DVD (R4) Cases On The Way. EzyDVD will have more of copies of Serenity with the tin cases in stock from April 10th.

I highly recommend the tins. They are very cool and the price was great, considering what I was getting. To say nothing of the shiny extra content.
Dig mine as well :)
Yep, the tin can rocks! :-)

However, one question: the animated menu on the first disc of my two-disc R4 set hasn't been working since I got it. It does its job, but the music hick-ups and the image looks like crap. All the content works fine (which is why I haven't exchanged it. That, and I'm getting the benelux R2 DVD as well, which'll also feature a nice cover but has the exact same content) and the non-animated menu's work great as well, but the main menu just doesn't do the job. Anyone else hear anything about people having that problem? I've searched a bit, but haven't seen anyone reporting anything similar. Hell, I might have some kind of collectors edition on my hands, for all I know :-p
Yes I am a proud owner of the tin case as well. I'm glad to know it's limited to as many copies that they can sell.

And that competition has expired as of March 1st so I've removed it from the subject line.
I have problems with the second disc. All the features start part way through and I have to go back to the beginning each time.
The Tin Can is great. This is actually going to be the third batch, got mine from the second batch, and my copy arrived last week.

Very Pretty. I just get annoyed by how the diks are set up, and every time I accidentally click on "Title" it jumps back to the language selection screen, and it goes all over again with the legal disclaimer and that annoying anti-piracy promo. Got no complains besides that, maybe because we also share region 4 DVDs over here.
I'm just happy to see myself on Disc 2 on the Q&A! Yay! And joss doesn't seem as mad at my question as I recalled. Huzzah!
Yay Mort! :-)
I bought it and I don't actually have a DVD player that can play it... haha.
New ones are available? Aboot frikkin' time!
I have mine yet, and I highly recommend this edition.
The Tin is so pretty and elegant...

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