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March 21 2006

Roseanne Season 3 DVD set now available. "Soon-to-be-big stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Alyson Hannigan guest-star."

IMDB confirms she was in Episode 4 of Season 3.

I never knew that. Does anyone know if her and Glenn Quinn were in a scene together?
IMDB doesn't show Glenn Quinn in the cast for that episode.
Ah well. Thanks for checking.
If I remember correctly Aly's bit was very small. She played one of Becky's friends, they walked into the diner, sat down. I think she had 2 or 3 lines and that's it.
Yep. She smiled a lot and had like 2 lines (I saw it a week ago on Nick).
Somebody complained on the letters page of Entertainment Weekly some weeks ago that the eps of "Roseanne" on dvd are the syndication versions, with chunks chopped out for more commercials, rather than the original broadcast eps.

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I believe the problem with the episodes being the syndicated versions was only on the 1st season DVDs and has been corrected for all the future sets.

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