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March 21 2006

'These Girls' - It's all about the peanut butter. Don't know much about David Boreanaz's latest movie? Well here's some quotes from the man himself and his co-star Caroline Dhavernas.

David is such a good guy. you can always tell how much he enjoys his family. even in interviews you can tell he's very down to Earth!
Angel and Glory.. who woulda thought :-P. Ok, maybe not, but ehh whatever.
Nah - It's all about the Haagen-Dazs.

Hehe... I finally have an excuse to gloat! It premiered in Montreal, before everywhere else in Canada(for once!), and I managed to see it after a small browncoat bar meetup with a few browncoats. A certain whedonesquer was present as well!

It was quite funny and I think DB fans will be pleased. Its a little oddball, and I dont think I can relate(I never have been a teenage girl just been a teenage guy), its quite an entertaining story.

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I'll keep an eye out for it, knowing it'll actually have a release date here. Can't wait to see it, it sounds like a great movie.
You just go ahead and gloat, Kurya. I saw it in a theatre with DB present!
Wow, Lioness - for real?!?
Thanks m'cookies. Always nice to get that sort of reaction! Yeah, it was the International Film Festival and 3 of the four stars were there and answered questions afterwards along with the director. Strangely enough, most of the questions were about the nude scenes. Not sure why.
Dammit....Lioness.... *hands the trophy to Lioness* You win this round. That is quite awesome lioness. And after seeing the movie, I share your puzzlement about the questions of the nude scenes(plural).
I was kidding. Anytime I get a chance to quiz David Boreanaz about nudity, I'll take it! Thanks for the trophy. Hmm. Is that Mountain Dew in it?
Hmmm, no its mudders milk! Be careful, it's a bit nasty...the drink, not the nudity.
Hope this shows somewhere close enough to check it out. I'll be very amused to see DB and Caroline Dhavernas share screen :)
Drinks are being passed around ?? What another party?? Must admit, I prefer champagne to mudders milk... So I'll wait till Wonder Woman's rap party!! Unless, Lioness, you planning on throwing another get together before?

As for DB and his girls - although I wouldn't call this movie great, it has some funny moments. And Kurya, having been a teenage girl I was able to relate. Of course, it would have been amusing to see it with DB in the audience, followed by questions.... hehe ;-)
There are no plans to release the movie in the U-S, but it will be on DVD in May. I would think that maybe several small movie houses would take a chance on it.
Funny, I'm right now in the middle of watching Wonderfalls (actually 2/3s of the way), thanks to mentions of it on Whedonesque. I'll be sorry to see it end. It's quite fun, not at all what I expected based on the premise, and there are definite stretches that make me think of Buffyspeak (not just penned by Tim Minnear, either). Caroline Dhavernas and David Boreanaz in the same movie will be like two universes colliding. A Whedonverse and something else that's not a Whedonverse but is like a Whedonverse in some ways.
the minearverse and whedonverse?
There are no plans to release the movie in the U-S, but it will be on DVD in May. I would think that maybe several small movie houses would take a chance on it.

It's being shown at a few film festivals in the States - the next one is in Philidelphia at the end of the month, I think.

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