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March 21 2006

Industry rag Screen Daily reviews Slither. Spending half the review praising Nathan, in fact. "Thankfully, the terrifically understated Nathan Fillion does great work". Variety review slither, also (many spoilers, spoilers many).

Nathan is described as ironic and dashing. That's great. How many dashing lead men do we have these days? If he keeps doing great work even in less than stellar vehicles, pretty soon we'll be bragging we knew him when.
Well, I kinda knew about him way before Firefly, back when he was in "2 guys and a girl"

So, nyah! :p
Well, I kinda knew about him way before Firefly, back when he was in "2 guys and a girl"

Yes, so versatile, being able to play a pizza place.
wasn't he on Ellen?
Well, I remember him as Joey back when he was on One Life to Live!!
I feel Slithered out. When is this movie released?
March 31, same day as Basic Instinct 2. I know there's probably a comment to be made about that film that involves the word "slither," but, eww. ;-)
I first noticed him as Cliff from Blast from the Past. And still wonder why he would wear someone elses underwear.
March 31, same day as Basic Instinct 2

Well I'm starting to feel "The Grudge" syndrome from Slither so there may be a curtailment or amalgamation of related Slither links from now on.
It's been pushed back to the end of April in the UK. Variety also reviewed it today, and give Natethan much love.
Simon, you took the words (thoughts? typings? whatever) right out of my head. I'm actually looking forward to this movie quite a lot but it's as if the front page of Whedonesque currently has to have at least five different article links about it at any one time, most of them saying pretty much the same thing or very little of interest at all.

It would be better if there was a little more importance to the articles posted rather than just every random mention of the movie. That might save more interesting stories and discussions getting pushed off the front page before their time.
It happens whenever there's a big movie release, Demonic (who else is looking forward to when Wonder Woman official enters production? Caroline shall rename the site It's got to be down to the posters and the mods judgement as to what is interesting - I've whedonesqued these two reviews as they are from 'the' industry trade papers.
I tend to think that articles regarding films and such should be added to existing threads because otherwise other stuff moves off the front page at an alarming rate and potentially interesting discusions are here and gone in the blink of an eye before many of us have had time to participate. I like Nathan a lot ( though Slither really doesn't sound like my cup of tea) but , in the same way that James Marsters related Smallville links were recently amalgamated, I think that the same should apply to other film or show links . The exception being Joss products of course. After all this *is* Whedonesque :)

The problem with pre film or pre show publicity is that it is often endless rehashes of the same press call or press release . Fascinating to some fans no doubt but all a bit * samey* to others .

[ edited by debw on 2006-03-22 14:50 ]
Yeah, there's definitely a samey feel to film publicity, no doubt about it (and I don't think we've even had the Slither press junket yet). At the same time, there's not a derf of Whedon related stuff at the moment anyway.
That's pretty much my feeling as well, debw. It just feels like we are seeing endless postings saying the exact same sort of thing and not adding anything really relevant.

Obviously it's down to each individual poster to decide whether they think an article is interesting enough to put here and up to the mods if it stays or not but i'd honestly say that at least 50% of the recent Slither articles are pretty much the exact same thing with a few words switched around. It just feels like they are being posted for the sake of posting, rather than because anyone will want to read them, which would be fine if other more varied and interesting threads weren't being bumped off the page because of that. Just because there isn't an awful lot of Joss related stories right now is no reason to post every single mention of Slither.

I personally reckon Simon's amalgamation idea for these stories is the best way to go.
Well before this thread goes off at a tangent over what should be posted, let's go back to discussing the reviews of Slither that gossi posted. If anyone wishes to discuss posting policies, please do feel free to email me. It's a topic of great importance to me.

Oh and btw I reckon Slither will take the number two slot during its box office weekend. Maybe even take number one.
True enough, Demonic. Certainly, amalgamating reviews into a daily topic or some such is probably a plan.

And, as Simon says, I'll shut up now.

I think it'll take #1, as when it's opening it's in a fairly free spot (in the US) for the genre - good scheduling from Uni. In the UK it was against 7 other films that weekend, so they moved it back a month, which is also probably wise.

[ edited by gossi on 2006-03-22 15:31 ]
Given the buzz the movie is getting at the moment i'd say it has a good shot at taking the #1 spot. I'm certain we are going to see it do very well on the opening weekend, definately top two at the very least.
Wow, thanks so much for writing that today Caroline!

(In the sarcastic colour green).

By the way, I've had an email to say 25% of the first review praises Nathan, not 50%, just to clear it up.

[ edited by gossi on 2006-03-22 18:35 ]
Nickseng--I knew him as JOEY on ONE LIFE TO LIVE.
I'm not sure how to read your comment, gossi. I'll give ya the benefit of the doubt on it.
I'm not being arsey, Caroline. As usual, I try to make with the funny, and instead meet with the tumbleweeds.
By now gossi, you should be well acquainted with the tumbleweeds...shouldn't you know all of their names? Maybe even visited their place for tea and biscuits?

[ edited by kurya on 2006-03-22 18:46 ]
I got laid by tumbleweeds once. It was so Evil Dead.
Yeah, I used to watch Nathan on "2 Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place". That show was good, here's hoping they release it on dvd one day. But that's as far back as I go with Nathan. I'll have to imdb him and see what I've missed.
Handy new guidelines. Thanks for that, Caroline. Hopefully they will prove useful when the surge of Wonder Woman articles that gossi predicted above start to appear.
I think the combination of combining links into a "Daily News Roundup," while continuing to link articles from big or important magazines and websites (like, say Variety, USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, Sci-Fi Zone, etc.), and maybe some big reviewers or city newspapers (like Roger Ebert, New York Times, Empire UK, etc.), sounds like a great way to go. I don't need to see every article, or every city's review (like, Los Angeles Times, sure; the Glenwood Springs {CO} Post Independent, not so much). I also think the links to video interviews are great, so I hope those get into the daily roundups. :-)
I'm suddenly terrified of Slither out-grossing Serenity.
It will definitely earn more money at the boxoffice (horror genre, all the press it's getting, nothing else opening that weekend worth seeing, etc.), and it is certainly grosser (like "eww gross"), so be afraid, Anusien, be VERY afraid! ;-)
Yeah, I used to watch Nathan on "2 Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place". That show was good, here's hoping they release it on dvd one day.

I hear you, Danica. I used to really like 2 Guys and a girl and Nathan was great there too. It took some getting used to, initially, when I just started watching Firefly, as I would constantly be reminded of Johnny. Ofcourse, that only lasted a short time, as I soon grew into his role as Mal and tend to think of him in that context now. Funny thing, that.

And, of course, they need to release this show on DVD. I'd love to rewatch it.

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