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March 22 2006

Toon Zone reviews Robot Chicken DVD set. Great review describes an "insane" amount of special features, including Seth Green commentary on every episode, and SMG commentary as well.

Sounds great! I only caught a handful of episodes when they aired but thought it was a blast. I'm wondering what the price will be though.

Edited to add that Amazon has it for about $20!

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I taped most of the Robot Chicken shows, and burned them on DVD. Since I could get them all for a low price, I may get the set, too, just for the bonus features alone.
I don't like to post here anymore for fear of breaking the Rules, but Wil Wheaton's new blog entry is a loveletter to scifi, and the last line is our personal motto.
Chirp - that's no reason not to post. Go read the Rules and follow them when you post, that should remove the Fear Factor :)
I've never seen this show thus making me leary to purchase, but it's Seth Green and some SMG. *bits nails* To those who have seen it can you give me your honest opinion/review/comparison to other shows (other then Adult Swim) for me to read. Thanks so much. It's tempting to buy soley for the SG & SMG factor.
I have to say that I have become addicted to Robot Chicken. Picture a stop-motion animated SNL-type show with ADD that's actually funny. This show parodies everything, and one 10 minute episode encompasses quite a lot of subject matter. I think it's the funniest thing on the tv since MST3K got cancelled.
Robot Chicken is one of the funniest things on Adult Swim at the moment, IMO. AnotherFireflyfan's description is very good; I'll add that a lot of well-known people do the voices, and sometimes spoof themselves -- Ryan Seacrest does his own voice in bits where they trash him, Conan O'Brien did his own voice, Mark Hamill voices Luke in an Empire sketch that's hi-larious, and this last weekend they re-ran an episode that I think AF was referring to, a long involved kung fu movie spoof featuring Joey Fatone, some other guys from NSync and the late Pat Morita doing the voices of Joey Fatone, NSync and Pat Morita. Also, if you love action figures and fandom memorabilia, it's worth watching -- there was a sketch with OldBSG!Cylon toys that was great! And, come on, Seth and SMG! ;-)
I personally rarely find myself chuckling when watching Robot Chicken, and I'm not sure why. I think it's just the style of the show that puts me off, which is weird since I find Family Guy insanely hilarious. Robot Chicken is nothing but broad pop culture riffs as acted out by toys. The one thing I'll say about it is that it is over pretty quickly, and thus never boring. But "never boring" isn't really high praise for a 10 minute long show.

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Nice that SMG lent commentary to Seth's DVD. Too bad she didn't do it for her own show; that would have been welcome.
Yes Melanie, SMG is a horrible, terrible, rotten, no good person because she did commentary on this and not Buffy - now can we get back to the topic on hand? Sorry, just tired of the subject being brought every time her name is mentioned and she's done some commentary for another project - it's been done to death!
LmR, the few episodes I've seen had some moments of absolute hilarity and some where I just sat there not knowing what to think.
I think the SNL comparison was a good one whereas some of their skits are really funny and some aren't. For me, one of the funniest they did was Bush in the Oval office and that's all I'll say because I wouldn't want to spoil it. Also, I collect the Sideshow figures so it's always fun seeing them used in this manner. The Buffy skit was a really funny one and they use the Oz figure as Seth in a skit too.

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Firefly Flanatic, I'm sorry you're bristling, but if you'll re-read, I did *not* say any such thing about SMG. And I thought the fact that this project included SMG commentary *was* part of the topic at hand. Geez.

However, as a new member (but long-time lurker) I'm sorry to have ruffled any feathers here and will go stand in my corner.
Melanie, I apologize, but having been a long time member, that is how it always starts and the topic than becomes a debate on SMG not doing the commentary. No need to stand in a corner my feathers have been since smoothed down!
Okay, I feel much better now (comes out of her corner sheepishly). I can certainly see where you'd want to avoid re-hashing an old, and sore, topic, and I'm glad my little post didn't set off a firestorm!
Thanks Melanie! I could have stated it in a much nicer manner! Need to remember to think before typing!

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