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March 23 2006

Lindsay Lohan as Wonder Woman? Apparently, Lohan now wants to be considered for the part.

That's a good one.

I've been thinking Paul Giamatti, actually. That might finally get him the Oscar.
Well if these quotes are coming from World Entertainment News Network, it must be true. No wait.
/set darth on


/set darth off
Ok, she's not the ideal choice, but I actually wouldn't mind this choice. Unlike many of the beautiful and clubbing young Hollywood set, she can actually act. I know, knock me over with a feather. She was good in Freaky Friday, and good enough in Mean Girls to not let Rachel McAdams (with the flashier, funnier part) steal the show. But this is only her words saying she'd like to get the part, not that she has the part, right?

I'd take her over all 3 Jessicas (Biel, Alba and Simpson), Mischa Barton, Charisma, that chick from that soap opera that is constantly getting mentioned on the imdb boards.... but would still prefer Morena over her.
Michelle Trachtenberg is perfect. Not because she's a Buffy ex but because she can act, she's the right age, she's tall, she's perfect.
No. Many millions of gallons of no.

If it's between LL and a no-namer, I REALLY want the no-namer.

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I love Lindsay Lohan, both as an actress and as a singer (she makes surprisingly good rock music).
A whole world of no.

I admit she's a decent actress, but she's just not right for the part at all.

Michelle T, while amazing, would need to add some curves so that she could, er, flesh the part out. (Terrible pun, my bad.)
There's what Ms. Lohan wants, and what Mr. Silver and Mr. Whedon want. Guess which "want" wins? ;-)
I love Lindsay Lohan too, but she's just not an Amazon.
Heh. Well if it counts for anything, I'd like to be considered for the part too.
If Lindsay Lohan were cast I think the film would lose all credibility. I really hope she doesnt get it.
Actually, as somebody who spends much of his time listening to the likes of Slipknot, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Marilyn Manson, Metallica and countless other bands of that type, i have to grudgingly admit that Lindsay Lohan actually can rock. How weird is that?

As for the role of Wonder Woman? Hell, why not? Actually though, after posting in another thread it occured to me that Elisha Cuthbert would be great in the role. Or was it that i'd love to see her in the outfit? Yeah, THAT was it.
Lindsay Lohan is actually a surprisingly talented actress, but I don't see her for Wondy. Not for one second. Granted, she was saying she wanted to stretch, but...I highly doubt she could fill the role and make her a commanding personality.
The role's gotta be filmed by someone who can convincingly say "Great Hera!" and "By the Gods!" over the course of two hours, and Morena is the only one I can think of that MIGHT pull it off.

ETA: And how old is Joss' WW supposed to be anyway? I couldn't buy Lohan or MT, if she was supposed to be older. Plus, especially in Lohan's case, she'd have to work really hard to make me forget I was watching Lindsey Lohan.

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I bet every actress between the age of 5 and 50 wants the role. I hope we don't see every one of their names on here when they admit as much.
"I hope we don't see every one of their names on here when they admit as much."

Well, you can hope.

The role's gotta be filmed by someone who can convincingly say "Great Hera!" and "By the Gods!" over the course of two hours, and Morena is the only one I can think of that MIGHT pull it off.

You are, of course, presuming that Joss is goin' for the camp.

Has anybody else seen Mean Girls here? It's a really funny movie. No, really.
No, gossi, I don't think he is. But from what little I understand of Wonder Woman, her heritage and background would suggest that those are things she would utter like we do certain expletives, and it would take a really good actress to not make it SOUND campy.

And yes, Mean Girls is much with the funny.
Or, of course, I'm presuming you're presuming. I should have listened to Full Metal Jacket...

[ edited by gossi on 2006-03-23 14:25 ]
Yeah, Mean Girls rocks. It's not just funny, Lohan's surprisingly touching as the main character. It really upgraded my opinion of her as an actress: McAdams had the better part, the more outrageous character with the killer lines, but Lohan more than holds her own even though she's the normal girl.

And I too can't quite see her as Wonder Woman, and sadly, it's for a very shallow reason. The girl has a cute face, but WW has to have a beautiful face. I mean, it's terrible to say, but physically, she doesn't match the image I have in my head of WW's face (which for some reason resembles Alan Moore's Promethea). Lohan's face makes her look about 12, very childish. It's a shame, as she's never going to get many interesting roles unless she starts looking older and more sultry rather than freckly and friendly.

And no, please to MT. I have no doubt she's a lovely young woman, but I don't think her acting skills are on par with the task.
Yeah, I don't see Lohan as WW. That said, I do not believe WW has to be OTT beautiful. From a marketing point of view, yeah, they'll want somebody young and nubile. That said, I'm throwing all comic book ties out the window with the project - to cut a long story short, I don't believe it's going to be that down with the comic vision. Those people complaining about V for Vendetta showing V's hand? They'll be all over WW, burning pictures of JW and such.

[ edited by gossi on 2006-03-23 14:44 ]
I think the role has to go to someone lesser known, because Joss is too smart to put a well-known actor in the role- it would prevent us from suspending belief long enough to attend to the story rather than the actor. It is for this reason that I do not think Catherine Zeta Jones or Lucy Lawless will get the role, even though in my mind they look close enough to WW to move into the job; rather, I'd like to see someone like Morena Baccarin in the role, because she is not as well known, but still looks the part.
Mean Girls is probably why the idea of Lindsey makes me groan yet not scream and cringe uncontrollably. It's the only work I've seen her in that's made me like her. Great movie. She performed well. I really can't stand her in some of her public appearances, however. She's not Wonder Woman. Nope. That's a role for Morena to fill.

Michelle Trachtenburg? Hasn't she "filled out" in the last year or two? Not that I consider her an Amazon or anything. It's true Morena is not tall, but she sure looks the part and it would be easy for them to make her look a little taller. Whoever it is, I'm sure I'll see it. But if it's some skeletal waif, I'll be so pissed off.
In a recent interview with Natalie Portman, the director described her as muscular and she laughed. It made me realize that I want Wonder Woman to be muscular. Feminine curves for sure but someone with a commanding physical presence. I've been rooting for Morena but I don't know that she is the right size.
I think coming at this movie from the perspective of a non-comic fan makes it a little easier for me to not care about the iconic Wonder Woman image. Growing up, the only comics i read, outside of the obvious Beano and Dandy type titles, were the Marvel UK reprints of titles like Transformers and Thundercats. I was familiar with some of the Marvel superhero characters fom the backup strips in those comics but not to any great degree and my awareness of DC characters is pretty much limited to the Adam West version of Batman and the current Smallville series (guilty pleasure but any excuse to see Erica Durance).

Frankly, when it comes to matching the accurate physical appearance of the comic book version of Wonder Woman, i'm not really caring who gets the role. As long as they can act and they look good in the outfit then i'm happy.

Speaking of the outfit ... Joss, you are going to keep those tight shorts, right? Right???
Michelle Trachtenberg is perfect.

Many would argue that point, but either way I wouldn't call her an Amazon...
We're going to be hearing about a lot of women who want to be considered for the part. No biggie.
There's very few actresses I can think of that have the look and I'd rather someone gets the role that really can act than someone that looks the part. Lohan is neither. I really hope they go with an unknown actress for the role.
Hey, I'm all for her lobbying for this part, if it means she's gonna be serious about getting her curves back and keeping them.

As for getting it... it's not really up to us. The right actress will be cast. That's the job of the casting director.
The 19-year-old Freaky Friday actress admits she'd like to showcase her talents outside of kid and teen films, but feels the role would be too fun to turn down.

Perhaps the news story has her opinion wrong, but if not this should cost her the part right there. WW is not going to be a "kid or teen film" if Joss is writing & directing. If she goes into the casting process with that attitude then she's going to blow it.
To be fair to Lindsay, the film is based on a comic book and it's called Wonder Woman. If i didn't know who Joss was or wasn't as aware of his ability as a writer as i am then i'd be assuming that this was going to directed at kids and teens as well.
I just can't wait until we hear that Sean Young wants the role...that should be entertaining!

Joss, if she knocks on your door in full WW Just run.
Yeah, Mean Girls rocks.

I gotta agree with ya there, I did kinda like that movie a lot. I really hope she doesn't get the part. Firstly, because we'd be watching LL, not Wondy. Secondly, I couldn't stand that cute look for our Amazon. I love her cute act, when she's supposed to be cute; but imagine her face about to kick some arse? Nah.

Just thinking of young actresses around, one who could give the role some credit, is Anne Hathoway.
She was fantastic in Brokeback, and kinda has that (tv show) Wondy look. Plus, the girl can do some serious acting.
Lindsey Lohan isn't even worth the time it took me to type out this sentence, in consideration for the role of Wonder Woman.

Don't get me wrong I'm a fan of Trachtenberg, but she's not WW material. The only real amazon in Hollywood that comes to mind is Gina Torres. She's the only actress with the acting chops and the physique to pull off the role.

Morena Baccarin would be a cute WW. I don't want cute. I want a woman who gives the character substance and true validity and would run with the role and make it hers. We've seen the Lynda Carter approach. I want to see WW brought into the 21st century.

Of course, this all depends on how Whedon wrote the script. If *he* was thinking Lynda Carter when he wrote it, Gina Torres would look silly in the film. If he was thinking gritty, then Torres would soar.

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I actually suggested this a while back on the IMdb board, so I'm not foreign to the idea at all. I'm sure she could pull it off.
To be honest, I think it's pointless speculating. WW will be a whoppingly huge motion picture (if it happens), so whatever the casting could be is currently a complete unknown. I'm willing to bet they go for lead name, and I totally respect that. I still await the fandom riot whichever name gets announced :P
Fandom riots are always so much fun! ;)
Yep, I'll be the only person defending Katie Holmes.

Oh yes.


Okay, possibly.
Somebody mentioned Erica Durance earlier. What do people think about her as Wonder Woman? Joss has done well casting a couple other Canadians that I can think of. Just curious. I too favour Gina Torres. I think she'd make a spectacular Wondy.
There's a girl on American Idol this year that could be Wonder Woman. I don't know if she can act, but. Looks like a younger Catherine Zeta-Jones. Without the Welsh.
"I still await the fandom riot whichever name gets announced :P"

gossi, I have no doubt fandom riots will erupt upon the announcement of the WW cast. Let's make them fun riots, then!
Yeah, Caroline, Katharine McPhee could absolutely play Wonder Woman. In fact i'd buy three tickets on the opening night just for myself if she happened to be cast in the role, regardless of whether or not she can act. Cute girl.

Erica Durance actually would also be a very good choice. Don't know why i hadn't considered her myself.
Please dear god no! No LL... just no. She is not WW in my mind, not even a teeny tiny bit close to WW status. *shudders*

If she does get considered, Joss you email me and I'll gorram audition for the part, drive/fly myself down there. Grown from the same place a Nathan Fillion but without the smell of turnips... unless that smell helped him get the part and then Hmmmm... I LOVE smelling like turnips.

I'm sure every female in Hollywood is gonna be trying to get this part and now we must put our trust in the hands of the casting director. I hope he doesn't cast some uber well known bad-actress just to try and get a buzz going but rather an actress that will BE WW and do the part and the history of that part justice.
Have to agree with Caroline on the girl from American Idol - she's got the looks and build for the role and is statuesque. Wonder if she can act?
"I'm sure every female in Hollywood is gonna be trying to get this part..."

Well I must say, I doubt Meryl Streep, Jodie Foster, or Dame Judy Dench will be chomping at the bit for it. ;)

Maybe the LL 'interest' rumor is just another publicist trying to get attention for their client. Lohan is skinny, pale, and freckly. Not exactly quaking in my (stylish yet affordable) boots that she will be cast. Also can't imagine that she herself actually believes she can pull it off. Of course, I could be underestimating the hollywood ego, here.

Agree with those that think the near-Amazonian looks of Katherine McPhee would work perfectly, IF she has the chops.
Personally I hope they go for an unknown who looks and acts the part. But if there's a Steve Trevor and his part is given enough weight--what about Nathan in that part?
I don't want Nathan to be in a movie as the second banana - I just want leading man roles for him!!! So unless he's picked as WW I don't want to see him in the movie!
Who doesn't want to see a superhero with an eating-disorder (who admits it, then denies it, then admits it, then denies it)?
Firefly Flanatic Nathan did look awfully charming in that beaded cape in Serenity *giggles*
He also looked cute in that kilt too!! I bet he'd look adorable in star spangled panties!!
She's no Amazon, but to my mind, Rachel Weisz would be a good choice. Or maybe Jennifer Connelly.
Those people complaining about V for Vendetta showing V's hand? They'll be all over WW, burning pictures of JW and such.

Somehow I don't think WW fans are quite as... devotional as VforV fans.
Scarlett Johansson. Why are we still talking about this?


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Honestly Im also for taking someone not well known. Joss has always been good in casting unknowns, I mean, see Summer Glau and countless other Whedonverse actors. Also, sometimes a big name can destroy the movie.
According to IMDB

Erica Durance is 5' 8" tall
Morena Baccarin is 5' 7.75" tall
Lynda Carter is 5'9" tall

I always thought Morena was too short - I stand corrected and she gets my vote.
Scarlett Johansson is 5'4" - amazon she is not
I know Joss won't hire either Lindsey Lohan or Mischa Barton or any other beautiful, vacant actress for the part. If he does I will be shocked, unless he can manage to pull an astounding performance from any of these silly young actresses. I think that Joss will take a relatively unknown actress and bring out an amazing performance from her, like he did with Sarah Michelle Gellar or Alyson Hannigan who were always so promising and were repeatedly tested to show their amazing acting skills.
Wouldn't it be great if Joss just stuck it to Hollywood and went with a complete unknown for the part? If Lohan was going to play WW, I think I would have to kill myself. However, if the actress must be a known person than I would most definately go with Jennifer Connelly.
Not bad, m'cookies! Look at that ass-kicking glare. Dye her hair, and she could do it.
I never thought about Katherine, m'cookies. Good call. And she's definitely a beautiful brunette(3rd season of Roswell). Just dye her hair for the summer, then go back to blonde for Grey's. I believe she could be a leading actress.
You're not part of the solution, Lindsey. And you never will be.
You just couldn't resist using that line, could you Weevil?
What about Kate Beckinsale? I was just talking to a friend and they had mentioned her. I'm not 100% sure on her though. I enjoy her but like I said not completely sold on her
Kate Beckinsale would have been my second choice.
Yeah, thanks to Van Helsing and the Underworld "films", I think her genre cred is just about shot.

Plus, isn't she itty-bitty?
"Anne Hathaway"

I concur to the tenth degree.
Jennifer Connely? Is this going to be "WONDER WOMAN THE MOVIE" or a tv movie about Lynda Carter's early acting career? Sheesh. Why don't we just get Jennifer Anniston? Pull all the stops.
Willowy, don't let my girlfriend catch you dissing Van Helsing. It's one of her all time favourite movies ... and it's nothing at all to do with her thinking that Hugh Jackman is extremely hot. Nope, not at all! :)

She would probably agree with you about Underworld though.

Lindsay Lohan as Wonder Woman? Naaah!
Don't be dissing Jennifer Connelly, Kate Beckinsale, Van Helsing, or Underworld around me either. I love my hot brunettes and vampire movies.
I share the McPheever ;-) for Katharine McPhee as a singer, but I don't know if she can act. But, you know, Jennifer Hudson from AI3 is in Dreamgirls, so -- it could work! ;-)

There was another American Idol 5 contestant, Ayla Brown, who got cut before the final 12, who I'd nominate for WW. Although I don't know anything about her as an actress either, Ayla is 6', plays varsity basketball and is only 17. If you want young and pretty, also tall (that's Ryan Seacrest standing on a box next to her) and muscular, there's your WW!
I know I'm in the minority, and she might be bordering on too old, depending on how the part is written, but I think I will always carry a torch for Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls to be play WW. I think she's got the look and can pull off the attitude.

LL? Not so much with the look, and though I think she's got decent acting chops, hasn't shown herself up to the task of a Joss leading lady.
OK this thread's probably dead, but I gotta chime in. Lindsey Lohan as WW??? I'm not even a WW fan and my brain is leaking out of my ear at the thought. And MT isn't suited either. Yes I like her fine. I like Tom Lenk too, but that doesn't mean I think he should be Superman! It's got something to do with 'type'.

Now I'm really gonna laugh by butt off when Paris Hilton says she wants to be WW..... You know it's coming.
That Italian actress on "Lost" that Jack kissed, whatever her name is, has my vote.
One of my friends has reported seeing on other websites that Lohan is now a frontrunner for Wondy.

This whole Internet vicious rumor mill thingy is never good.

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